Meat and Potatoes Leela

Captainjock 29

I haven't built decks for Netrunner since the NISEI stepped up to offer ongoing support, so there aren't many radical choices here. I was mainly trying to deny corp economy through Diversion of Funds and Emergency Shutdown, then going on big digs with Turning Wheel counters.

With that in mind, the prime target for DJ Fenris was Reina, or perhaps Quetzal if there was already a lot of rezzed ice.

DJ Fenris didn't work in this deck at all, was installed a few times, to very little effect. A few Legworks would have been far more useful.

Emergency Shutdown into En Passant was fun on the odd occasion I could pull it off, but for the most part the cards were just clogging up my hand.

Leela's naturally disruptive ability carried me on the day.