Anarch (Noise) - Econ, chaos & fixed suit (single core set)

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Anarch (Noise) - Econ, chaos & fixed suit (single core set)
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Trypios 1849

A:NR rule-book suggests that beginner runners should start with Kate. Maybe that's because Shapers use easier to follow tactics and straightforward strategies. They seem also more powerful due to Kate's ability and general economy. Criminals are the kings of tricks, also quite easy to maneuver. After a lot of deck-building, and experimentation with all 3 IDs within the core set, Noise is my least favorite runner. Very exciting and chaotic in the beginning, but kind of weak out of the core box and possible to lock out by the corp. Don't get me wrong, Noise is one of my favorite IDs but he needs a few Data Packs to become more powerful by exploiting his milling ability. I made this deck in order to help beginners understand the chaotic/destructive ways of Anarchs.

Hardware + Icebreakers

Notice that half the breaking suit is fixed and can't be pumped to a certain strength. That's what Datasuckers & Ice Carver are for. Wyrm might look like a good idea to a beginner, but forget that card...worst card ever printed, what a waste of ink! Fill up those Datasuckers and run big sentries or taxing code gates like [Tollbooth] like it's nothing. The corporation will be more than willing to purge virus counters in order to lock you out. Crypsis is there for such a case and can be tutored just like any virus program via Djinn. Quite a bad card for Shapers and Crims but excellent for Noise!

Facecheck ICE. Best case scenario = EtR (end the run). Worst case scenario = Net Damage and Noise won't mind a few net casualties in order to Parasite said ICE and destroy it with the help of Datasucker. Special Order will tutor what's needed.

The program suite is quite big and far more than the starting 4. Grimoire, Akamatsu Mem Chip will provide with extra and Djinn will take care of the rest.

If you're lucky enough to draw Aesop's Pawnshop install immediately. Noise's ability can work about 7 times (1 Crypsis, 2 Datasuckers, 1 Medium, 3 Parasites). With Pawnshop, you can sell a virus, install an other one, sell that too and bring them both back with Déjà Vu. Rinse repeat. 1/4 of Corp's deck can be milled not counting Demolition Run.

Economy & card draw

  • 3x Sure Gamble - burst 12
  • 2x Account Siphon - 6-10 profit; up to you if you want to go Tag-Denial. Most Anarchs don't care :P
  • 3x Armitage Codebusting- Mandatory card for such a poor Runner
  • 3x Cyberfeeder - Recurring economy for Runs and installing precious viruses.
  • 2x Stimhack - 9 & brain use late game when they think they have a scoring window.
  • 2x Wyldside - Amazing card for card draw, but the ability keeps firing even when the Stack is empty and you're left with 3 clicks every turn. You can sell it after you're done to Aesop.


  • [HB]: Run first click; Bioroid ICE subs can be broken by spending clicks and anything nasty like Ichi can be avoided. Be smart not to fall prey to Aggressive Secretaries, if the advanced card in the remote looks easy to access, call their bluff and don't run it. Looks like a scoring window? Stimhack!.
  • [Jinteki]: Try and keep them poor by face-checking ice, so they can't fire Snares or Junebugs. They have enough to fire snares? Land an Account Siphon and roam free. Use Infiltration for dangerous remote servers. You can even go Tag-Denial since they don't have ways to punish tags aside a scored Private Security Force. Never run with less than 3 cards (Snare!) and never end a turn with an empty hand or Neural EMP goes pew-pew.
  • [NBN]: Remove tags immediately for they might carry Scorched Earth and other nasty stuff such as Closed Accounts / Psychographics. ICE is not dangerous and economy is weak. Face-check everything and try to lock their R&D. Trash assets and parasite ice.
  • [Weyland]: Remove tags immediately. SE can ruin your game. Not easy to keep them poor so keep installing viruses and hope to mill dangerous cards.