Running On Fumes

behemoth01 43

Not yet been play tested.

  1. Personal Workshop
  2. Order of Sol
  4. INCLUDING Monolith
  5. Order of Sol is a 2c a turn drip feeder, which lets you pay for your expensive rig
  6. Monolith gives you the MU and lets you whack the final parts out all at once
  7. Everything else is designed to be doable either with the Personal Workshop, or from 0 credits; there's no "click for five, play Sure Gamble" elements here.
  8. The aim isn't just to be able to make runs cheaply; it's to be able to make them for absolutely no money at all, so that Order of Sol stays in play.


• Monolith has anti-synergy with Personal Workshop; on the turn I get Monolith out, I want three programmes in grip, not on the workshop. Would The Toolbox make more sense?

• Do I have enough stealth credits? Even with a full rig, it's 4 a turn plus 9 overall from Ghost Runner. That can lock me out. Should I pull in Lockpick too?

• What do I actually do with these runs? I have one R&D Interface and that's it.

• Would Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer make more sense?

• Is this whole idea stupid?

17 May 2015 behemoth01

@behemoth01 On second thoughts this is terrible.