The East Coast Brain Drain

Snake Eyes 4582

Cybernetic division brain damage kill deck.

3 point punitives. Mushin no shin agendas or cerebral over writers.

9 economy cards with a short deck... Might shuffle things around to add another one in. Arguably Mushin is economy though so maybe 11 is the right count here.

Lots of ICE diversity to beat the advent of immolation script.

Might get burned by Turntable because of the Domestic Sleepers. I'm banking on that card not being very popular.

28 May 2015 bourgman

I like what you've done here. It's a shame you can't squeeze in another Mushin, but I don't know what you'd get rid of. I'm surprised you don't have any Janus, though, especially since you're running Pri Req and you're calling it a brain damage kill deck.

28 May 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I'm a huge fan of Shell Corporation + Cerebral Overwriter in a naked server, plus you are running Mushin No Shin which makes it even better. You either get tons of money or a dead runner. Probably shouldn't be a cornerstone of the deck or anything, but as a singleton I could see it.

29 May 2015 afishisborn

@bourgman Janus is ridiculously expensive, which is awful when you're trying to open up a punitive window. Also, Janus rarely lands any brain damage. Anarchs have D4v1d, Criminals have Faerie, and Shapers have Deus X, not to mention that you can just click through most of the subroutines on Janus.

Instead, as he outlines above, his brain damage is coming almost strictly from Overwriter. If you want to try to land brain damage with ice, your best bet is either Fenris or Heimdall 2.0, though the former is easy to break late game (especially with the BP it gives) and the latter suffers from the same problems as Janus. What I'm trying to say is, you probably shouldn't rely on your ice to land your damage.

29 May 2015 afishisborn

@Snake Eyes, I would consider running Self-Destruct Chips over the Sleepers. -1 Pri Req, -2 Sleepers, +1 SD Chips, so it won't affect your agenda density at all, and it further supports your win strategy. Also, It's not as easy for the runner to turntable it into a 5/3, since you'll be putting the fear of death into them.

29 May 2015 bourgman

@afishisborn I've always had pretty good success with Janus 1.0, however, I haven't played any actual games since the Spin Cycle, so maybe D4v1d is big deal in the meta. Still, it's very difficult to break all 4 subroutines and wiping out a D4v1d's counters seems worthwhile to me.

29 May 2015 Snake Eyes

Hey @afishisborn, I think you're right about the SD chips. I'm adding 3 in. Taking out the Archer since it's not as good without Sleepers. Added a Crisium in as Keyhole/Siphon defense.

I added a Heimdall 2.0 as a big ICE. I feel sager about that one more so than Janus. It being slightly cheaper and requiring a double click makes it easier to fire off.

New decklist is up!

Thanks for the discussion guys! I've done a few test draws on this deck, and it feels pretty good here.

29 May 2015 Dydra

I'd definitely try to fit in some Ryon Knight :)

5 Jun 2015 cmcadvanced

more successful demonstrations, or none at all! That's my opinion anyway :D.