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Hello! In the run up to Worlds, NSG are running a series of Eternal events to get people introduced to the wild high powered world of Netrunner's largest format. To help, I'm publishing a series of Eternal lists to give folks a taster for what the format has to offer and ideas of where to go with your own Eternal deckbuilding! I'll link them all below for ease of reference. Enjoy and hope to see you all Siphoning and Violet Level Clearance-ing soon!

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What does Brain Rewiring CI do?

Points Used:

Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers 2pts

Project Vacheron 1pt

Spin Doctor 1pt

Scarcity of Resources 2pts

Violet Level Clearance 1pt

CI in eternal comes in a few different flavours, but usually all combo. Whether that's scoring multiple agendas in a turn or, in this case, killing the runner from hand. Older players who remember the beautiful summer of 2017 will know this deck, but for those unfamiliar, this deck looks to kill the runner with a very specific set of combo cards from hand. You have a few different lines but the main combo line I'll detail below, using classic CI notation (if you're unfamiliar, here's a history lesson kids)

  • Play SfMM, installing WW, BR, and SoF, rez WW, 3c **

  • Play SfK putting a counter on BR and SoF, 3c *

  • Play Biotic, get a WW click, 7c ***

  • Advance SoF, 8c **

  • Advance SoF, 9c *

  • Advance SoF, get a WW click 10c *

  • Play Audacity on BR, score BR paying Xc where X = cards in Runner's hand, score SoF for the kill, 10c 0clicks remaining

You have multiple different lines for killing, Contract Killer gets you there as well, you also have RLC for click gaining shenanigans. Punitive is also there to help you combo kill thanks to the combo with Project Vacheron, you have tonnes of help. This deck got a pretty significant buff with Wage Workers being printed, which allows you to combo much more cleanly. Vacheron also helps as we're a combo deck that wants to devalue accesses as much as possible. As we're a hyper specific combo deck, we need every slot possible so room for tech is tight, but I'll leave that to the reader to work on.

If you have any questions about this list or eternal in general, feel free to comment below, check out the #eternal channel on the GLC discord, or hit me up on discord! I'm always happy to talk about my favourite format.

Thanks and hopefully see y'all playing some more Eternal soon!

28 Aug 2023 ycombinator

If the runner has Plascrete Carapace, do you just go for the combo score out with Efficiency Committee?