Surprise Monolith (4th place at Stockholm SC)

Marvinmega 69

So this is my second tournament after playing netrunner for a couple of months so I went for a classic runner style with a more dynamic setup. My two biggest fears going into the tournament was meeting jinteki and meeting tech that destroyed my rig. I faced both but got the tip to add a dummy box and feedback filter the week before and those cards where golden.

The deck has a set up gimmick where you use Aylas memory and mulligan hard for: 1. Emergency Creativity 2. Monolith 3. Mopus 4. Breakers

I got the full combo turn one in two games and has my rig and economy up at full speed after that.

I faced Jinteki with a crapload of traps and facechecked everything and just paid my way through the game. I faced two scorp and lost to one due to her shutting down a breaker suite and me forgetting Dummy box (also facing 2 archers on a scoring server was painful). The second time I remembered dummy box and also pulled out a surprise Gbahali to break the last ice to score. I also faced Spark but managed a timed win with me grabbing the agenda last minute (due to me facechecking everything all the time).

A really fun deck to play if you are new (like me) that does not require you to remember so many special interactions. I tried a variant first of the deck with 3 hyperdrivers but always got stuck with them in hand due to no memory left after the breakers where in place so i dumped them for mote tech-cards.

A big shout out to the organizers to the SC event, I had a blast and really love the Netrunner community you have going there.

19 Mar 2018 blacklionchest

I see Monolith and Emergent Creativity I click like. Congrats on your SC result!

19 Mar 2018 Cpt_nice

This is brilliant

21 Mar 2018 wedgeex

I really like this idea. I'm sure this was a fun one to play.

5 Apr 2018 rattkin

I’m confused. When playing Emergent Creativity, do you thrash Monolith to install for free from stack, or do you thrash programs/Monolith to install Monolith for free? The latter case rewuires you to have your 3 breakers already in hand. Even with NVRAM, isn’t that a bit unwieldy?

5 Apr 2018 Marvinmega

@rattkin I try first to trash the monolith for 3 installs, It does not matter which breakers but I always try to go for 1-2 breakers and Magnum opus, It works most games but some you need to play as normal until you get the combo. With NVRAM and mulligan you will be surprised how often you get a decent combo off.

9 May 2018 Burn_The_Peasants

Easily the funnest shaper deck I have played in weeks. Immediately went and assembled it in print after ripping 10 games on jnet and losing none.

Good stuff.

I'll probably bring in a Marathon