[TWA] Oaktown Funk you Up [3.0]

DonutTaganes 2522

This deck is all about forcing the early remote.

Use your ID ability and the many operations to get your economy rolling early. Spiderweb defends centrals capably at the beginning of the game, as do Enigma and Meru Mati.

Wormhole uses the subs off Archer, Ichi 1.0 or the ETR Ice.

If you can get a Wormhole in front of a Fire Wall on a remote, that's a lot of tax early for most runners to deal with.

The real star of the deck is Oaktown Renovation. Being able to boost your credits by advancing behind powerful ICE makes for a much more favourable mid game.

Scorched Earth package is there to keep runners honest.

Caprice Nisei can sit in your scoring server, as can Ash 2X3ZB9CY, and having one of each means you can have both rezzed if you need to.

Caprice Nisei can be fetched with an overscored Project Atlas to help you score the rest of your agendas.

The one of Corporate Town can really hurt some runners in the midgame by hitting key resources, or can drain them of 5 if they pre-emptively trash. Sometimes, it will stop them from playing any more resources during a key period of the game.

27 Jul 2015 Sizer

Just want to say thanks for keeping the Weyland love going! As a fellow Weyland player I really appreciate the work you're doing. Just FYI I took this deck to a GNK tournament this last week end with just a few tweaks. It went 3-1 only failing me against Whizzard deck that got a huge Medium turn off me when I was threatening game and a kill. My runner deck did not perform quite so well otherwise I would have been top 4 quite easily.

27 Jul 2015 Sixtyten

Quick question, do you often create a separate remote for the corporate town, or sit in the scoring remote for a few turns to gain some tempo? I'm keen to give this a go.

28 Jul 2015 HexNet

@BayushiOliveira there are 11 transaction operations for the BABW ID to trigger.

@DonutTaganes do you find yourself wanting a second SEA Source?

28 Jul 2015 DonutTaganes

@Sizer No worries, thanks for taking the time to drop some positive vibes :) Glad that the deck treated you well!

@Sixtyten Rarely. Often it's not worth the tempo hit to do so, and if I do it'll just be a one ICE usually. It's not a bad thing to do - you snipe their premium resource (Kati, Adjusted Chronotype or Professional Contacts) then you can effectively ask them if they want to cop another 5-10 credits going in to trash it rather than lose their other resources. The hard thing is making the Corporate Town stick in a more lightly defended remote. If they have something worth trashing with CT then they will almost certainly trash the CT if they run it while it's unrezzed.

@HexNet - Not often. I usually go for scoring out as the primary plan and focus on that early. There are points in the game where they make the decision to go really poor to stop you scoring and you want the kill in hand, but the compromise associated with adding the second SEA Source and only marginally improving the likelihood of having the combo is that you might lessen the likelihood of being able to overscore an Atlas, which is effectively a proxy for whichever combo piece you're missing. The influence is certainly about tradeoffs! I would dearly love to be able to pack 2 or 3 Snare! too!

29 Jul 2015 johncraven

do you find it easy to kill when IHWs are commonplace? seems like your deck only has one chance to kill.

8 Aug 2015 kmatz84

@DonutTaganes do you think Hollywood Renovation has a place in this deck? Maybe a one-of or perhaps two? Paired with Contract Killer? Also turns Fire Wall into a beast if it's protecting it, or allows some fantastic synergies with Wormhole or a one-of Changeling.

Maybe a bit combo-y but the advancement ability could speed up the deck.