Praise the Sun!

CodeMarvelous 19735

So this deck is all about creating a brutally efficient drip econ and breaker suite.

Global security clearance is the MVP, getting me agendas, saving money and forcing people to use atlas counters and Jacksons just to keep me out.

Lots of draw, lots of money.

my favorite card is multi-threader, it makes her breakers really sing when coupled with three datasuckers.

Set up, run RD only when you need to, legwork when they haven't scored in a while and run remotes with impunity

10 Aug 2015 nbove

The lack of a console seems a bit unusual. Did you find Security Nexus to be under-performing in this list?

Also, how relevant have you found Employee Strike? It is obviously a knockout blow to certain identities such as Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers, but against others such as GRNDL: Power Unleashed it seems like it is just wasted influence.

10 Aug 2015 skydivingninja

@nboveThere are only 4 ID's I think that don't get hosed by Employee Strike: Custom Biotics, GRNDL, Post-flip Biotech, and NEXT Design. Everyone else is gonna take a serious hit.

As far as this deck goes, I wonder if it will be consistent enough since it doesn't have easy access to Pancakes the way Valencia does. But I love the way influence is spent in this deck so I don't know what I would change.

10 Aug 2015 CodeMarvelous

The deck is very consistent and employee strike is the bees knees, it destroys Blue sun, RP and NEH which are the major corp contenders right now.

10 Aug 2015 CodeMarvelous

Also you have to keep in mind her console costs 8 credits, its not worth the money in this deck when all i want a console for is more link and mu to feed security chips and to install 3 data suckers and 3 multithreader. this is the rare care when dysons is right for the job

10 Aug 2015 SlayerCNV

at the end of may list i wrote "PRAY THE SUN".

Actually,that current is a kill for a lot of OP corps. Don't forget that for the corp is important its ability. A blue sun that can't use OAI as it wants is great.

10 Aug 2015 TonyStellato

Security Clearance is a lot better with Pancakes. I can confirm that clearance/pancakes combo is bonkers. I love some of these ideas though, like Multi-threader!

11 Aug 2015 Kronosdev

The only things that really worry me about this list are the lack of answers to Marcus Batty trashing key programs and Midseasons Replacements shenanigans. Sacrificial Construct costs one influence and will protect the programs, though it's lack of other uses could be problematic. If you find your deck doesn't make enough money to stop a Midseasons you could always try Utopia Shard.

Love the deck. Praise the Sun!

11 Aug 2015 ichigokuto

If only I could be so grossly incandescent... :(

11 Aug 2015 Dydra

Sunny is obviously the top runner from the new box and the easiest to build around. She will be pretty powerful and straightforward, although I can appreciate the fact that you haven't tried going in the tons of link direction with her.

11 Aug 2015 DarkTsunder

Praise the Sun!

Now incorporating Multithreader into my deck, great idea!

11 Aug 2015 AkAnderson

This is almost exactly how I was making my Sunny deck. I think Multithreader and Modded offset the downsides of her breakers. Bonus points for the Dark Souls reference (I think?).

11 Aug 2015 Abstract

@CodeMarvelous, is there enough money that paying 2 credits for Quandary, Ice Wall, etc. isn't a problem? My concern with these breakers was that cheap, weak ice is more expensive to break and that GS Striker M1 seems underwhelming.

12 Aug 2015 BinarySecond

@Abstract Multithreader really makes the double cost not a problem

12 Aug 2015 CodeMarvelous

The Multithreader really cover that type of stuff. But yea early on it can be brutal. This plays a lot like a Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman deck in that I am looking to make one meaningful run each turn while slowly building up stockpiles for a couple of high pressure multi run turns

13 Aug 2015 PsymonTheWizard

I don't see Career Fair being very useful you have only 6 resource cards that are 3 cost or more. I'd remove 3 Career Fair, 3 Special Order to add 3 Self-modifying Code and Security Nexus. You can even use the 2 from Multithreader to fetch programs with SMC, this makes it cheaper to use than Special Order or in case that you don't have a Multithreader installed, you pay 2 and save a . I understand that Security Nexus is somewhat expensive but if you can have a trace 5 to ignore a piece of ice while you have 4 or even 5 link, that would be quite useful since it forces the corporation to not only rez a piece of ice but also pay some extra money in order to stop you from bypassing it. I honestly think that in the right deck, Security Nexus might be the strongest console in the game.

14 Aug 2015 slevin38

With the 50 card deck, you don't find yourself wanting more draw? Even if you could find some space for a Quality Time or Earthrise Hotel it seems like it may help to me.

14 Aug 2015 slevin38

Nevermind there are Earthrise Hotel, but Quality Time at 1 influence?

17 Aug 2015 Phoenix

3 Earthrise Hotel, 2 Masanori, 2 Symmetrical Visage seems like quite a bit of draw? (although I am not a fan of the Masanori, although i guess it works with the Datasucker).

Have you considered the possibility of Parasite to deal with pesky low strength ice? Maybe dropping Modded/Special Order? TBH I don't think you will have a problem late game when the money is flowing in. It is just early game against a rush deck that could be an issue.

21 Aug 2015 pang4

Have you considered Interfacecs instead of Legwork? Sunny seems like the kind of gal that would much rather have the consistent pressire of an Interface rather than the one-shot of Legwork. Plus, you can splash in one R&D Interface and one HQ Interface for the price of the same influence. Might make you want to move up to 3 Modded, though...