Tidal Hayley - Undefeated, 1st @ San Diego Regionals (34ppl)

BlueHg 633

Paricia is the Inca god of floods.

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@miek gave me this list and it's pretty good. His had 1x Reclaim/2x Paricia. I swapped out the Reclaim because San Francisco was showing up at our Regionals and I fully expected to see some IG and Gag. Overall a really good choice imo, because it helps a ton vs the IG matchup.

For those curious about the Corp deck, @nemamiah has a really good writeup on the exact decklist I ran. I went undefeated with that deck too, so it's still good. Give him the clicks and hearts and whatnot. Play fast, play aggressive, pressure the Runner, and psych your opponents out by closing the game from 1c with a Hostile and Audacity. :P

Most of this is the standard Hayley Aesop's shell, tooled specifically to fight Scarcity in a world where most Runner countercurrents suck. Lots of programs and hardware to sell.

Notes on a couple cards:


Lots of 5/3 suites running around right now between Gag, some Azmaris, and Punitive decks. This is a nice closer for those games. I didn't play it on the day, but it's def a worthwhile include.

1x Astrolabe/1x Turntable

Weyland rush can put enormous pressure on you. TT ensures you can force them to use their Atlas counters suboptimally and is great against Titan, Argus, etc. Astrolabe is obviously better for the Asset Spam matchup. If you draw the wrong one early Hayley install it anyway and Aesop's it when you draw the other one.

Akamatsku Mem Chip

Resilient to Scarcity, lets you run utility programs alongside Engolo. Also you can sell it if you don't need it.

R&D Interface

Three is good if you can afford it, but also don't hesitate to overdraw and toss them if they aren't helping you immediately. 3x means you'll find another one soon. Lets Hayley run once a turn, it's infinite, and it doesn't affect much in the way of deckbuilding like Khusyuk does.

Hunting Grounds

Lots of popular stuff this is good against. Data Raven and Slot Machine are the most relevant, but you also see a non-trivial amount of Data Loops and Tollbooths.

3x Paricia

You're never too sad to see this card. At worst it's a piggyback Aesop's install, at best it wins you games. In a world where IG and Gag are putting up serious results, I wanted lots of resiliency against them. 2x Paricia and Misdirection is normally enough to deal with Gag, but the IG matchup really wants the third.

I really only played this deck three times (sweep, sweep, ID, ID, and Corp, Corp, Runner, Corp in the cut) against PE, IG, and Outfit.

@ctz's PE used tons of Slot Machines and Data Loops. Hunting Grounds was the MVP, even if I did forget to use it once or twice.

@phette's IG was a fear going into this because I don't have a ton of experience vs it but the 3x Paricia let me keep on top of his board until he was flooded and ditching stuff to Archives. Don't be afraid to ditch cards to Breached Domes so you can trash important things, and low money doesn't matter a ton vs IG when 3x Paricia is basically giving you 6c drip a turn. Domes milled my FBF but I was too poor to use it anyway.

@theladywhowasmeantome's Outfit gave me a run for my money. The early game was dicey, forcing me to use my first SMC for Misdirection and getting me low early. She triggered Reversed Accounts THREE times on me. Rude. Hayley can bounce back pretty easily from that using Aesop's, Cache, and ProCo though. The BP piled up, and I pressured her economically a lot until she was backed into a corner with awkward 5/3s in hand. She played really well though, and the early game had me hella scared. Side note, Alexis also makes really dope alt arts and I used her Caches during the tourney. Buy them here.

Anyway, super fun event, and thanks to the SF crew and the couple Colorado peeps that came out and made it one of the biggest Regionals in the world! Special shoutouts to @ctz and SanSan Francisco for streaming the event, @tzeentchling for running it so I could play, @theladywhowasmeantome and @Atomikrin for making dope prizes for the event (a swank deck box and some custom Neural EMPs for the event!), and @miek and @nemamiah for the decklists. I'm excited to see everyone again for US Nats!

8 Aug 2019 Sindarin

@BlueHgwhat's the general gameplan if you get turn 1 Scarcity'd?

8 Aug 2019 triorph

You just hard-install through it. The key installs are proco and pawnshop and losing 4c due to a corp card isn't going to lose you the game. Occasionally you might install the others too but they're more game-state dependent, and you can often wait until the scarcity is cleared via a steal, or wait until its not too inopportune.

14 Aug 2019 spags

Echoes of Pitchfork emanate from this list.

A beaut.

Praise Lady Hayley, and bravo @BlueHgand @miek

16 Aug 2019 BlueHg

@spags I was telling people this is the most fun I’ve had playing Shaper since Pitchfork!

@Alpha, @triorph is right. Just hard install through the Scarcity, and most of the rest of your Aesop’s installs are immune to it. The installable sin this deck are tooled to dodge a T1 Scarcity. It’ll slow you down a bit but you should be able to bounce back quickly.