Faustian Seminar

Bandura 300

This deck is awesome:

You threaten R&D with R&D Interface.

You threaten HQ with Account Siphon and later with Fisk Investment Seminar and Legwork.

You threaten remotes with Drive By and Inside Job.

Faust and Femme Fatale let you acess wherever you need.

In the end, the corporation needs to spread itself too thin, and there is always a weak spot for you to go after. It is made even better by Leela's ability.

Some notes:
1. Fisk Investment Seminar + Faust is a match made in heaven.
2. People started forgetting about Account Siphon, so its time to remind them by playing criminal!
3. You can float tags against most decks now, so Quality Time + Prepaid VoicePAD instead of Daily Casts + Earthrise Hotel.
4. Levy AR Lab Access is an upgraded version of Quality Time, not just feeding Faust but also recurring all the good stuff.
5. Armitage Codebusting is just an extra money burst card since only one Lucky Find fits in.
6. Oh, and the only thing better than a Caprice Drive By is to Drive By Jackson when they just discarded agendas after the Seminar :-)