"Don't Try to Score Seven Points. That's Impossible."

greyfield 3896

Artistic license means I get to post one stupid deck a month. This is that stupid deck.

26 Sep 2015 Cliquil

Only attempt to realise the truth.

What truth

There is no point

26 Sep 2015 tiedyedvortex

Stupid nothing. This is brilliant.

By my count, there are only 11 points that the runner can hope to score and keep scored (Global Food Initiative, TGTBT, and the NAPD Contract), since you can click back the 15 Minutes and it's fairly likely (given the amount of unavoidable tagging in this deck) that they will be giving you the Quantum Predictive Model for free.

If you can score a GFI and make them lose three points in some combination of News Teams and Shi.Kyūs, the runner cannot win. It also puts you in a very good spot--three points for the GFI, three points for the QPM they hand you, and then you rush out 15 Minutes for the win.

The question is, how do you plan to score the Food? I see one Psychographics, that's a good start--if the runner ever gives up on clearing tags and goes up to 4+ tags, you can fast-advance the 5/3 (install, advance, Psycho for 4). Tollbooth is a good backup plan against any deck running Yog.0.

Economy seems strong as well--in addition to Hedge Fund, you've got Sweeps Week, Marked Accounts, and Pop-up Window, and apart from Tollbooth your ICE is all decently cheap.

A couple ideas, though:

  1. Since you're already trying to keep the runner tagged to death, maybe swap out the NAPD Contract for Market Research? Sure, it's cheaper to steal, but since you aren't trying to Midseason that's not as big of a deal.
  2. If you take out the NAPD Contract, then I would probably swap out the Marked Accounts for Reality Threedee. In addition to needing fewer clicks, it has the potential to pay back disgusting amounts of money if the runner stays tagged. And you want the runner to run (so they hit all your traps out of R&D and HQ), so making runs cheaper isn't the end of the world.
  3. Maybe swap out one or two of the Turnpikes for Gutenberg? It kills R&D, basically guaranteeing that they will give you your QPMs on a Medium dig. And off R&D, it's just about as good as Turnpike--it doesn't have the neat "on encounter" effect, sadly, but its trace is 2 higher, which could be relevant if you're facing Sunny.
  4. You're one card short. I would probably put in a second Psychographics, since that seems to be your best bet for actually scoring out.

Overall, though, well done sir!

26 Sep 2015 stimmyrobbins

I wanted to explore this concept in genomics. 3 news team are 6 influence. This deck makes triple record reconstructor a great play. Ha.

26 Sep 2015 SlayerCNV

Don't forget film critic kills quantum thanks.

26 Sep 2015 tiedyedvortex

Don't forget SYNC + tags kills resources thanks.

26 Sep 2015 LynxMegaCorp

IG also gets Philotic, which sounds so good when you consider 3x Shi.Kyu and 3x News Team.

Considered whether Keegan Lane has a place in this deck?

26 Sep 2015 SlayerCNV

@tiedyedvortex don't forget i can steal the quantum with film critic with 1st\2nd click then lose 2 clicks for FC, thanks.

Anyway the deck likes to me. the only things is that you have a poor number of ETR ices so i can keep tags, give you 3 points (max) of Quantum and continue to dig, becouse you don't have any tag punishment (except a single psico). You have also to consider that all your ices are not so strong to pass and not hard to parasite.

26 Sep 2015 tiedyedvortex

@Lynx Kuroneko I would say no. This isn't a glacier build--this deck WANTS the runner to get in, so they see the ambushes. Program trashing doesn't line up with that strategy.

26 Sep 2015 SlayerCNV

ah and the econ is a bit light, you will need much money for make that shi kui works, i think...

26 Sep 2015 manveruppd

@SlayerCNVthanks, was wondering how Film Critic interacts with Quantum.

29 Sep 2015 Sp00kyI3

actually u cant take it with critic. You stop a steal with critic not an access.

29 Sep 2015 tiedyedvortex

No, SlayerCNV has it right. Assuming that the runner accesses Quantum Predictive Model on their turn, they get to choose the order of triggers, meaning they can choose to trigger Film Critic first. And then, once the agenda is hosted, it's no longer active, and its ability doesn't fire.

I still say it's not that much of a problem, though; if they're tagged (and they have to be, for Quantum to matter) the corp can kill it as soon as it hits the table.

30 Sep 2015 SlayerCNV

You stop the access, that's why is an OP card. Anyway... I repeat that he can dig and steal it the same turn, wasting 2 clicks for a credits and seeing film critics trashed then, but ok. Or not trashed if can detag and steal after...

1 Oct 2015 doublebogey

I've been playtesting this and really enjoy the deck but it's very hard to win with it. Once the runner goes tag-me your best bet is they run and score Quantum Predictive Model for you. The Shi.Kyu is nice but not going to ever kill the runner so you prolong the game without any clear direction to win. Threatens and can tag the runner but no cards to really take advantage of that. I've been trying it with Gutenburg, closed accounts, and scoreched but havent really had more wins.