Basic Leela (1st in SOCR 11)

em-crabtree 66

6-2 in SOCR 11: 5-1 in swiss, 2-1 in the cut. Losses v BHann's Earth Station in swiss (which I beat in the cut) and Internet's Azmari in grand finals (which I beat in swiss).

I've already posted a standard version of this deck. Only notable change was adding Kati Jones after running out of money v Earth Station, which helps keep econ up if things go long. Shout outs again to Mystic Maemi for the absurd value. Beyond that, nothing unusual here!

Seems like the popular pick for crim in this tourney was 419. On the occasions I lost, I was forced through lots of ice before any agendas appeared, nullifying Leela's ability; 419, on the other hand, is always value. That said, the first two rounds of the cut featured turns where I stole two agendas thanks to Leela bounce, so idk which is better.

Thanks as always to Sanjay for organizing! And shout outs to the NYC community for testing and sharing stories.