His Power Level is Over 9000!

CodeMarvelous 19749

Shameless DBZ reference.

But in all seriousness I like geist a lot and have been excited about him for a while.

now that he has access to security chip I think he is going to get a lot better.

drug dealer helps me draw early. Drip econ and recycling his breakers for a siphon and ice lock.

give me some feedback I want to take him to the next level. I will be focusing on him and Spark after worlds.

27 Oct 2015 benticurus

Though I understand that this is a control deck, and that the point is to keep the Corp low on creds, I believe that 24/7 News Cycle will become a seriously dangerous card for decks without Plascrete, or —what I suspect may become a more mainstream card in the near future— New Angeles City Hall. Moreover, New Angeles can be helpful with keeping your clicks after a Siphon, AND since Geist likes dem Fall Guys, New Angeles/ Fall Guy/ Geist may be something to consider.

27 Oct 2015 sod_timber_wolf

I think I would switch ZU.13 Key Master for Peacock and get a Corroder instead of Breach just to be able to have a complete rig which can threaten remotes without additional help (and Peacock, while not great, is still the most bearable crim breaker IMHO). Do you think you need the Levy AR Lab Access? I typically find myself happy with one iteration of my deck to win a game, how often is it really neccessary in this iteration? Thanks for the deck, will try it out :-)

(I would also use Desperado instead of Forger and change one Security Chip for a Datasucker and try to get link with Dyson Mem Chip or something as I think that Forger is just so much worse than the good old core console, but that would basically change the whole deck into something else.)

27 Oct 2015 CodeMarvelous

that's good feedback @benticurus I forgot we live in a meat meta. since I am running forger to block one tag how about crash space?

and @sod_timber_wolf corroder could be a good choice. desperado could be good I just want the cheap link and the tag avoidance of forger

27 Oct 2015 benticurus

@CodeMarvelous I think that Crash Space may be good, but I don't know how popular resource trashing will now become. I like New Angeles bc it helps both with click compression and meat dmg, and it is cheaper than crash space. However, I am very awayre that New Angeles/ Fall Guy would require making quite a bit of space for around five cards (three fall, two new angeles, for consistency), whilst Crash Space only would be one or two deck slots.

27 Oct 2015 CodeMarvelous

new angeles also needs film critic to keep it on the board

27 Oct 2015 Lorgar

I'm a bit curious about the Mimic. I play in Geist Shiv plus Feary and never had problems with sentries. Why did you choose Mimic?

The econ looks stable but the Achilles heel are corp assets and upgrades. I would dispense a SecChip (you need them only in late game) and include one scrubber. An alternative would be cutting the Careers for two Drive Bys. At least play two SecTesting.

27 Oct 2015 CodeMarvelous

Scrubber is a good call.

27 Oct 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Frankly, I've never felt I needed Security Chip with Geist's cloud breakers. A single Corroder for the occassional OAI Curtain Wall and you're usually golden.

Giving you a like to try to get YOUR powerful over 9,000 (it's so close!)

27 Oct 2015 benticurus

@CodeMarvelous That is why I mentioned fall guy, you can avoid Film Critic with FallGuys: they save New Angeles any time you steal an agenda.

27 Oct 2015 CodeMarvelous

Thats true

27 Oct 2015 moistloaf

Security Chips seem unnecessary and a waste of influence here.