Sun Supply

davidcarlton 19

This deck takes a while to set up, but once it gets going, it's almost unstoppable: it's common to be able to break into any server while making a profit over the course of the turn. I haven't taken it in its current form to any tournaments, but my guess is that it's still a little too slow to deal with a good fast advance, but it's a lot of fun.

You want to get out The Supplier as quickly as possible; mulligan if you don't either get The Supplier or Drug Dealer, and install Drug Dealer as soon as possible as well. (Usually just pay the credit instead of putting it on The Supplier.) Then you want to get as many cards drawn as possible and installed with the help of The Supplier; Earthrise Hotel is your friend (but don't install it before you have The Supplier), and of course drip economy is good. Also, get out Rabbit Hole when you see it, both to thin out your deck (install all three copies at once, hopefully with a two-credit discount from The Supplier), to reduce the chance of traces landing, and to set up the Security Nexus / Power Tap combo.

During this phase, pay attention to the timing of your beginning-of-turn actions: you'll be running poor, but the advantage is, many turns, you'll be able to sequence your actions to not have to pay the Drug Dealer tax. Do only as much running as is necessary to keep the corp honest on remote servers and to make them rez a bit of ice; also, as Modded shows up, you can start getting your breakers out. And definitely get Security Nexus installed, don't forget that you can use The Supplier for hardware as well. Make sure you use The Supplier every turn; if you have too much stuff stacked up there, consider just installing cheap resources (e.g. Underworld Contact) directly.

Once you've got your console, and some money, you can start running a bit more; depending on what parts of your rig, you may use Globalsec to snipe an agenda, or you may get free Datasucker tokens off of Jak Sinclair. Also, if you have Power Tap installed, you might be able make a profit during those runs, by forcing traces with your console where you have 6 link.

And then, once the full rig is out, money will be flowing in, Power Tap is even more of a profit center, and you can break into anything. For a fully iced-up server, you'll need Security Chip; don't be afraid to use them, just pick your spots.

There's no recursion, so try to avoid throwing away your extra copies of your icebreakers; you should generally have room in your hand anyways.

My current feeling is that Mr. Li and Adjusted Chronotype probably aren't pulling their weight; but maybe Mr. Li is going to be important protection against particularly bad draws?