Express Shipping - 1st Place Naarm/Melbourne CO

osintelligence 233

The Deck:

I have been working on variations of FA Ob for a while. I played a similar deck to this at Aus Nats last year where it went undefeated. The most recent revision of this deck had changes influenced by ColdLava's Green Sports list which introduced some interactions I hadn't considered.

My runner was Metropole Grid's Auto-Dialer, Security Nexus 419 which went undefeated. Which I have posted here.

Includes, Interactions:

Yakov wasn't something I originally had in this deck, but it exceeded my expectations. I can't tell you how good it feels to fire a Rashida for 5 credits and 3 cards. It also makes a very convincing argument for the game of chicken Standoff proposes, ultimately guaranteeing its value.

Standoff for other reasons was an include to support Archer and Oberth Protocol, but also acts like an additional copy of Extract if given the chance.

Calibration Testing is a surprise FA option. It stacks with Yakov triggers and can be pulled at instant speed if the Runner doesn't respect a last-click-run into a Border Control.

Oberth Protocol might seem a little strange, but provides another FA threat the runner needs to deal with. It's converted into by both Mavirus and Calibration testing at instant speed. In the very niche scenario, it also presents the opportunity to score Atlas with counters or your SDS from hand, with: Calibration Testing in Remote > Install SDS > Fetch Oberth (forfeiting Hostile/Standoff) > Advance > Audacity. Skateboard tricks!


I went into the tournament expecting little shaper and clot resistance and I was correct. There was not a single player on clot that I encountered, nor a single shaper player for that matter. First time match-ups, my opponent sometimes expected a Bridgeman-like list, which worked in my favour.

I have to say thank you to all my opponents and to Luke for organising the event. There were some really tight games and great banter. Results can be found here.

Single Sided Corp Rounds:

Match 1 - thepatrician (Freedom)

After running round one, I was headed into round 2 prepared to do my best to keep Khumalo off my combo pieces. Unfortunately for Brad, the game was short lived when it was closed with an Azef > Audacity kill.

Match 2 - frankbsad (Good Stuff 419)

One loss of the day, Afshar wasn't well geared to protect me from Turtle DooF. I fell behind early, and got flooded early with 2 Hostile, 2 Azef and all 3 Atlas in the top 16 cards. Ouch.

Match 3 - lukevanryn (Tag Me Freedom)

Very tight match. The game went back and forth of scoring, namely a pivotal moment where I made a fatal error; threatening the game with an SDS into the remote not believing he could get in. However, a moshing into more burst econ got Luke in, and to 4 points even. Eventually, the game got to 6-5 in my favour and running out of options, a hostile top-deck came through to close the game out.

Double Elim Top Cut (4-players):

Winners Bracket - frankbsad (Good Stuff 419)

After winning round one of the top cut, the grudge match was on - and it went much more smoothly. Some skateboard tricks, a Standoff and Yakov yielded a great swing in credits during the midpoint of the game and a huge Archer hit on Paperclip and Cat's Cradle bought me a good amount of time. Bordered HQ for DooF and taxing out R&D helped funnel the agendas into HQ and into the scoring area.

Winners Final - frankbsad (Good Stuff 419)

Out of time at our now closing venue after a huge day of Netrunner, we discussed the possibility of resolving on Jnet or moving to another location. Rob, happy with his outcome, decided to honourably concede the final round. Although I would have preferred the final match to play out, it was a wholesome ending. GG's Rob.

Now that's a quick ship

7 May 2023 HaverOfFun

Wow that Azef -> Yakov -> Malapert play is super groovy! Congrats on the win especially after the long day!

7 May 2023 osintelligence

Thanks! Additionally, to deal with a flooded hand, an Audacity + Azef -> Malapert -> Spin can get you out of a pinch.

7 May 2023 ThePatrician

When the inner voice says Zer0 on your last click, to not have 1 card in hand. Listen to that voice. Great games, as always. Congrats on an excellent finish 😊

7 May 2023 coldlava

Nice! And thanks for the shout out. The Calibration Testing looks fun and I'll have to try it out. Congrats on the win!

13 May 2023 Comma1

Such a well balanced deck, what a great meta call! I can't wait to use this at my locals :) excellent work!

13 May 2023 Shishu

Cali testing is one of those cards I figured was too much influence in Ob, but that combo with Oberth is absolutely wild. I stan Standoff.