REDRUM - Undefeated at Canberra Feb GNK

Davidmc7 192

"Cards in hand?" "Three...?" "Oh yeah, you're dead"

This is usually how it goes during a game against this deck. If you don't keep 4-5 cards in hand every turn or have good tag protection, death can come flying at you pretty quickly.

Good decks need to have a couple of strong win conditions, but fun decks have a "good" win condition and a "fun bicycle trick" win condition.

The bicycle trick here is Red Level Clearance + Drago Ivanov + End of the Line, which allows you to damage a poor unsuspecting runner without them needing to interact with you. Click one, Red Level Clearance, installing a non-agenda card (Drago) and gaining your click back, then advance Drago twice, give the runner a tag (get your money back with R+) and last click, blow up their build.... hum I mean shoot them under the aurora borealis.

Gaslight is a good enabler to find your combo pieces, and Spin Doctor keeps the flood in check or allows you to cycle your combo back.

If the runner keeps cards in hands, a value End of the Line can still be a viable play. And Self-Growth Program is a great solution against Boat (or a high-investment Hyperbaric when playing against Kit). And if you're really mean, self-growth first, then End of the Line.

If the runner pays for their lunch, the second plan is to score out quickly with Calibration Testing, turtling behind the Endless EULA or even a simple Ping.

Other cards you may want to include: - You can go full prison by playing 6 3-point agendas and a Backroom Machinations, which gives you room for Market Forces or even Public Trail. I did wish I had a public trail to punish the more aggressive runner. - Play this decks in Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center instead and go full Butchershop, with enough influence for another Snare!.

We'll see if the banlist eventually hits R+, but playing this version instead of full prison feels a bit better.

Special thanks to Andrej from the Metropole Grid for the help finessing this decklist.

18 Feb 2023 Diogene

Good writeup and great deck! Congratulations for your results at the GNK! Cheers!

19 Feb 2023 Davidmc7

Thanks @Diogene! My runner did not do as well but I still finished third in a pool of eleven so that always feels nice. Lots of Thule on the day...