Simple Creatures

Johnny Polite 387

I brought this Corp deck to Canadian Nationals. It underperformed (2-5) on the day, but one of those games was one I lose on turn 2 or 3 when the runner stole 3 agendas out of a flooded HQ, and that's just something that will happen sometimes.

The idea is pretty simple - Put down a whole bunch of ice, and if you can wreck somebody with Helheim Grid and either NEXT Gold or Brainstorm, then you do it. Helheim is also just nice with Jinja, on a 5 ice remote trashing a single card from HQ to make every ice +2 strength is a serious additional tax, and then repeat that as many times as necessary. Special Report lets you get value out of Jinja if you draw it after your hand is already mostly ice.

I still like this deck, but I think there's a better version that can be made that plays GFI and Corporate Sales Team instead of Ikawah and SSL.