419 Nexus

lostie 9

Nexus + Rabbit Hole/Maxwell James + Power Tap package.

I felt Corporate Grants weren’t as impactful as having Employee Strikes, so would probably change that.

Had Femmes as the ‘AI’ breakers and one of each type of breaker, although in most (if not all) the matchups I ended up not installing them, mainly because I was overdrawning for the package pieces and did not have econ/clicks to install them all.

I would probably cut the mad dash unless I find a slot for a same old thing since the idea behind it is to Falsified Credentials an agenda and then mad dash it, but in my games I draw the mad dash when I had no use to it.

I’ve Had Worse was an include I was not completely convinced about but I wanted some draw and felt that Deuces Wild when you’re using it to gain a credit and 2 Cards was not worth the influence, where at the same time I’ve Had Worse would give me some damage protection.

I’m pretty new to the tournament scene, so was not expecting much of it.

I’ve played against @MotionBlur with a Titan Punitive deck where I had clunky draws and did not manage to contest his agenda scores fast enough.

Second round I’ve played against a Spark deck where I had the opposite experience, got to established the package pieces fairly fast, with some econ to back it up. Maxwell James was my MVP in that game.

Third and fourth rounds played against ASA where the clunky draws have shown again it was very hard to contest any 3 iced server.

Last round I’ve played against AoT. It was a very rushed game on my part, we were short on time, we had a very long game before this one where I was Corping and I’ve made a lot of bad decisions that made it very hard to contest any central or scoring server.

Overall I still had a great time and I’m looking to improve the deck based on the experience I had.

Thanks to everyone that played against me and @johno for organising and being really helpful with my newbie questions!