Surfing Rainbows (for value) - T16 Worlds 2019

qvm 1885

I didn't want to play an AI, and from playing Ag I know that one pelangi isn't enough. So I tried three. Cycy / pelangi gets you into most 2-ice servers. Used pelangis can be sold to aesops and usually pay off more than caches. In conjunction with clone chips, you usually don't run out of pelangis.

surfing rainbows

With three pelangi, why not surf a bit? This is not a surfer deck, it works without it. But it can save a ton of money, and is also a tech card against border control (if it's not outermost), and stacked kakugos/loops. I can sometimes pay not to surf too early, and have the corp rez all their ice first.

This deck can also be played with stargate, but I like legwork and found leprechaun too clunky and not worth it without brahman.

A good demonstration of the deck can be found on stream in round 6 (a slightly worse one in the cut;) ).

Thanks to @lostgeek for jointly obsessing over this for two weeks, and shoutout to @ba3r and @kloppstock for also playing the deck. Thanks everyone for a great weekend.

7 Oct 2019 JackMade

Congratulations on your great performance!

7 Oct 2019 Saan

I love it. That nice, light weight, efficient rig, the fact that you can still play 2 Diesel for some draw in slow-poke Hayley, the insane 3 Pelangi... It's a thing of beauty.

7 Oct 2019 qvm

Thanks @JackMade!

@Saan thanks for your appreciation and kind words. Try it out!

7 Oct 2019 lostgeek

Once again, congrats on the finish. It was incredibly fun to build this deck with you!

7 Oct 2019 ayyyliens

Totally putting this on my to try list. Looks legit

8 Oct 2019 b3ar

Congrats on making top 10!

Thanks for giving me the deck. I had a lot of fun playing it at worlds.

9 Oct 2019 JackMade

"Keep it secret".. :D

9 Oct 2019 vesper

Surf's up... Well done and congratulations! Thank you for making the event great :)

9 Oct 2019 qvm

@vesper haha, no, thank you!! :) Your energy was felt throughout the whole weekend!