[Standard] Vision, Road to Epiphany ~ 69 at EMEA 2023

Tyranda 25

Standard (The Automata Initiative) deck, built for the 2023 Continentals.

I actually started with a completely different idea in mind, but the more changes i made to the deck, the more it slowly started to morph into the Democracy Manifest decklist from MrStyx : https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/f86b132f-08b9-4d2e-bb26-8e86376c7121/democracy-manifest-4th-apac-2023-

Main thing i took from this thought process is that asset spam decks tend to lose on centrals so hopefully the 4 ambushes help against that, especially since it's easy to keep them on top of R&D with Federal Fundraising, and you can install from below them with the ID ability ! Also they're supposed to be instantly trashed with their 0 trash cost, but AR-Enhanced Security and the ID ability might make the Runner thing twice about that. Now here's to hoping i have enough economy to fire them regularly !


Post Tournament Thoughts :

I had such a fun time playing this :D

Money was not too much of a problem if the runner didn't check every asset (they often did) or if i scored out an early AR-Enhanced Security (i often didn't), but i managed somehow !

Ambush cards really helped me getting more tempo, but the most important decisions i had to make were what to do with AR-ES and Oracle Thinktank . Slipping a naked AR-ES amongst other assets felt really good when it worked (it did not always) and a lot of times i thought i'd figured out my opponent's psychology then they did the opposite of my expectations. Eventually though i made a couple smart decisions here and there that turned the tables around :)


I don't really have the knowledge to see what i should change from this decklist, but here is a small write-up of the games i played ^^ Total score : 5 wins - 2 losses

Round 1 - Corp split vs mr_pelle (Arissana) (17 turns) : runner very good at systematically trashing all my economy assets, but doesn't check every single remote so i could score 2 AR-Enhanced Security.

Runner had a lot of economy but tags from AR-ES and Tomorrow's Headline allowed me to trash key resources, thus preventing them from stealing Bellonas.

Runner decides to save money by not clearing tags, thus is kept out of servers by Starlit Knight. Shipment from Vladisibirsk for game.


Round 2 - Corp split vs wowarlok (Hoshiko) (16 turns) : turn 2 Wage Workers really helps build up speed while Hoshiko builds up resources. Runner makes a last-click run on HQ and accesses Snare!, trashing the grip and then all resources, giving me a lot of "tempo" ! Runner stops checking all assets, allowing me to score a "naked" AR-ES and Tomorrow's Headline. My opponent is still super efficient at getting into servers, but i draw economy assets and get enough credits to score with SanSan City Grid.


Round 3 - Swept by Minstrel (Arissana) (17 turns) : Runner starts with Urban Art Vernissage + Ika which prints them a lot of money. They don't check assets, allowing me to score 2 AR-ES, but they have built up too good of a rig and economy, and with The Twinning steal agendas every turn.


Round 4 - Win (2-4-1) vs OF15-15 (Arissana) (16 turns) : i got too confident with installing naked agendas, and Aeneas Informant prints a lot of money against asset spams, so i decide to bet on that and install Snares and Behold!, which fire and convince my opponent to stop clearing tags. i score safely behind Starlit Knight until they play Hush. I start betting on Lady Liberty which they cannot trash safely cause of AR-ES. The R&D manipulation from Federal Fundraising and Balanced Coverage allow me to draw 1/2/3-pointers in succession, triple Liberty for win.


Round 5 - Swept by KNT_HLZ (419) (9 turns) : Hermes and 419: Amoral Scammer are very strong, and the fact i have no less than 7 agendas in HQ ensures my quick loss.


Round 6 - Sweep vs TheRobin (Tāo) (13 turns) : early runs into Behold and Snare cripples the Runner too much to contest, i do a triple Lady Liberty for 6 points they get back on their feet and steal all my 1-pointers, but i give them enough tags for a Shipment from Vladisibirsk win.


Round 7 - Corp split vs Terrificy (Hoshiko) (10 turns) : i draw my R&D manipulation assets, and force the runner into Snare. They never draw any breakers, and removing tags from Virtual Service Agent does heavy damage to their economy. They decide to go tag-me, i win with double Shipment from Vladisibirsk.


I had a very good time at EMEA, and even though i was a bundle of nerves due to it being my very first big tournament, i'm very happy with my nice result :)

I also got the honour of being the only one to bring Epiphany Analytica: Nations Undivided, which feels pretty sweet :D

Thanks a lot to everyone i played with, and looking forward to future events <3