Noisy Drain 1.2

Halflingspy 22

"...Does anyone hear a flushing noise?"

This deck is my attempt to remake my first tournament corp deck, one which was okay, but had a gimmick got people laughing at how well it worked when it did. Now, it's time to make it for real.

This is a glacier deck, and it's a deck that's supposed to be able to score out as well as murder people. My favorite Heimdall 1.0 and Heimdall 2.0 are joined by NEXT Bronze and NEXT Silver to help seal up servers early, letting you score out Successful Demonstration and Peak Efficiency to make some cash off it as well. Using Accelerated Beta Test and Priority Requisition, you can help save money by throwing up even more ICE to defend yourself with.

This deck is also a kill deck, with Viktor 1.0 giving a cheap way in, Vikram 1.0 as an experimental middle ICE, and then using things like Ryon Knight and Cerebral Overwriter to keep people on their toes. The deck builds on itself, Sentinel Defense Program making your ability to whittle down the runner's grip to nothing even easier.

Now, for the gimmick: The Noisy Drain. Howler is a card with so much potential, but needs a combo. Whirlpool gives it that extra boost, to let you not just put down a strong ICE, but keep someone from jacking out as Janus 1.0 rears its head. Yes, they can click out of some of it, but not all, and Ryon Knight or other ICE might be waiting for them afterwards when it happens. The best part? This combo can go off with only 1 credit!

Keep in mind, this deck works both as glacier and kill; the damage in this deck can't often kill someone outright, but the slow whittling down of a runner's grip creates desperation in your opponent, either paralyzing them from making runs, or making them run into no-win situations. My favorite win was making someone take 2-3 brain damage in the first few turns with a Noisy Drain, and then forcing them to make a run on a scoring server filled Heimdalls, another Janus, and having a Sentinel Defense Program up. By the end of that run, they had taken 5 brain damage and 5 net.

There are some worries about this deck, namely money. I'm experimenting with Peak Efficiency, and I have had some luck with placing Capital Investors into my scoring server, to save up for the stronger ICE here. I know some cards like Faust can remove traps as a problem, but there is enough ICE that you can play it as straight glacier as well.

I welcome your comments and suggestions, and hope you have fun flushing your opponents down the drain with this idea!

29 Feb 2016 enk

I played a similar deck out of ETF, although it had The Twins instead of Ryon (he wasn't out yet, and double Janus is double Janus). Faust everywhere makes the Whirlpool Howler sad. I slotted 2x Swordsman for that.

Is the econ enough? I would imagine Hedge Fund would be more reliable than Successful Demonstration. In my deck I eventually swapped the demos out for Restructure. Capital Investors instead of Adonis Campaign seems a bit weird also.

2 Mar 2016 LankeOnLuck

Edge of World could work. Maybe even better than CO since you don't have to advance it and the end result's gonna be close to the same (you can also do stuff like installing and ABT and tripple advancing it if they know you're playing with EoW. Same with the destruct chips. You do have the influence for it. Shell Corporation is a pretty good card with CO usually. Because it sort of protects it, and it does end up giving you a lot of money.

This looks fun to play! Always liked the looks of brain damage decks ^^