Deus Exile

Cuacuani 75

In my defense, I started out trying to make a Geist deck, for a casual 'Criminal V Weyland' event. The amount of Shaper cards (and the extra influence on Clone Chip) meant I ended up swapping Geist for Exile. I'd like to say 'and I never looked back', but that would be a lie.

Use Panchatantra to add either Destroyer or AP subtypes to their ICE, allowing you to use Deus X or Sharpshooter. Gingerbread is there for cover, or when you run out of ways to get your breakers out of your heap.

Test Run/Scavenge your breakers, Clone Chip or Retrieval Run your breakers back. Cybsoft MacroDrive is in there to try and make having to install and re-install your breakers slightly less painful, as is Technical Writer

Astrolabe could possibly be Maya, I've chosen Astrolabe because it is my go-to shaper console.

Grappling Hook is there just because I like it. It should probably be the third Crescentus if you're being sensible.

2 Mar 2016 quailman2101

I only recently realized that Scavenge can install a program from your heap. I guess I didn't read it carefully enough and so thought that the target card had to be in your hand. So it's a pretty cool card, and one that can trigger Exiles ability. But I only see it being useful to get rid of and reinstall another copy of spent cards (ie - Cerberus or Overmind); or for the test run/scavenge combo on big programs. Since you are using one shot breakers, what are you going to trash in order to get your heap card back? You need your panchatantras and I would keep your crescentus' for those pesky high strength/rez ice.

2 Mar 2016 Cuacuani

@quailman2101 Cheers for having a look. Scavenge is mainly there for really inefficiently tutoring out Deus Ex with Test Run (but it draws you a card!). I definitely see your point, it's not really as good in this deck as it is in others. I wonder whether it's worth dropping the Sharpshooters for something more Scavenge-able, but that seems like looking for something bad to add in order to just chuck it away.

2 Mar 2016 NetrunningAmok

I would definitely drop the Scavenge for Self-modifying Code. The Grappling Hook doesn't really do much for you here, so I agree that it should be the 3rd Crescentus and something else, maybe Utopia Shard? Finally the 2 Professional Contacts seems odd, the card is really only good if you get it in your opening hand. I would say Symmetrical Visage would be a better fit.

Good luck!

2 Mar 2016 Cuacuani

@Gilgamesh_KoH If Clone Chip wasn't on the MWL, then I'd drop Grappling Hook and take 2 Inject and the 3rd Cresentus. If I switched Scavenge for SMC I could drop the Test Run, freeing up space for the 3rd Pro Co and two other cards. Net-Ready Sharpshooter?