[Startup] Regular Steven (1st Leisure Games GNK)

Crowphie 151

I think Reg Steve is the best teaching deck for new players to actively learn on if they want to build their fundementals - it's certainly the runner deck I cut my teeth on. So in an unfamiliar format and a new metagame, the choice the runner was obvious.


But then I remembered that oh yeah, getting to play Boomerangs and Bravados for free is silly and so I played Steven instead.

I thought No Free Lunch would be a good card but it's fine. It's fiiiiiiiiine. I'd love an Emergency Shutdown or two here but Steve's whole deal is that he has infinite money and I'm always loathe to cut economy from his decks. Maybe an Overclock but, meh NFL is vaguely okay enough. The Twinning is busted and I should have found room for 2; I don't know what I should have cut because Criminals have no playable fracters and Cat's Cradle is terrible, but if you cut Poemu then you have to rely on Cezve.

I did not love Cezve! In initial testing the card seemed really good but it felt awful every game today and I really don't know why. On paper it should still be good. Shrug. If you're playing Twinning it's still probably better than a Rezeki or whatever and having influence-free drip economy in Crim that doesn't take the console slot is fun.

Fueno unironic MVP - that card saved me orders of magnitude more credits than Cezve ever did, and I'm sorry for ever disrespecting him.