Challenge: Rewind

ila 457

You know that moment when you are playing Netrunner and your opponent takes their corp deck out of their box and makes a nice neat pile with their cards, creating their RnD server? Then they go and mess everything up by drawing 5 cards. And then they go even further and draw another card! Then they start installing cards! And playing cards into their archives! It's enough to make any sane, organized runner's head pop.

The aim of this deck is to take Corps back to that simple time, when all of their cards were nice and neat and in one pile. You have all the tools to do that too! The proven DDoS/False Echo/Clone Chip combo will take care of their ice, CBI Raid will take care of their HQ, and Record Reconstructor will manage to put their archives back where it belongs: RnD. Analog Dreamers is a terrible card, but if there was ever a theme deck that needed it, this is it. You can spam out your [NetChips] so that you have somewhere to put your Hyperdrivers(/en/card/10024). Trust me, you'll need those extra clicks, because poor Record Reconstructor's effects do not stack.

Now, once you have managed to pull of this beautiful combo and that big untidy mess your opponent was making has been cleaned up into one pile, there is only one thing left to do. Kindly ask them to put it back in their box so that you can make room for a real card game, like Munchkin, or maybe Yugio.

16 Mar 2016 konradh

Ugh the wording on Record Reconstructor vs Archives Interface is horrible, so close to stack RR effects!

16 Mar 2016 ila

I know!! As if giving your opponent their cards back wasn't bad enough... you have to do it one click at a time!

17 Mar 2016 Circadia

Love it. My suggestion: swap a DDos for Apocalypse. Run R&D first, then Archives, then CBI HQ clearing all the ice. Then you Apocalypse, install record reconstructor and put as many cards as possible back into R&D. Much more reliable than Analogue Dreamers with all its restrictions.

17 Mar 2016 ila

Cool idea! I considered Apocalypse but I didn't want to come off as some try-hard-Spike. I prefer my Timmy combos ;) I agree that Apoc is better though. Would I ever actually use Analog Dreamers? Probably not... but then again I don't think I'll ever actually play this deck either.

17 Mar 2016 LeonardQuirm

What happens if the Corp scores some agenda, or removes a Jackson Howard from the game? Does it count if you've stacked all the remaining cards back into R&D, or have you already lost by that point?

If we need to get to the full deck re-stacked, you need a way to deal with the Corp going Install-Advance-Advance. Apocalypse is one option, as long as you have another board target for Analogue Dreamers on your R&D run (don't want to risk actually stealing an agenda yourself!) Alternatively, throw in an Exploratory Romp to remove the advancements, then Dream it back!

Final option is to wait a few packs for The Price of Freedom and also include Film Critic - store off an accidently accessed Agenda there, then sacrifice her to put the agenda back into Archives (added bonus of buying a turn for Analogue Dreaming runs on installed unadvanced agendas) and Record Reconstruct that agenda back in. All sorted.

17 Mar 2016 ila

You are always thinking big, LQ, and that is what I love about you. If I bump into you on jinteki you better be playing this deck!

18 Mar 2016 Heartthrob

The conundrum: Do you want them to use Jackson to put more cards in the deck? Or is that a party foul because their deck will be incomplete with him removed from the game??

18 Mar 2016 ila

Great question! I think that if your opponent is foolish enough to use Jackson (or score an agenda, especially Astroscript) then once you have completed your combo you can tell them that they can't put Jackson or Astro back in their box. You can use those cards as coasters for your beers while you play Munchkin or Pokemon or whatever.

23 Mar 2016 SkittlesSinistereo

New to the game so I could easily be missing something here, but how do you win in this set-up?

23 Mar 2016 Pilltechre

I don't think you 'win' in the traditional sense. The win is the look of bemusment on your opponents face when their side of the table is reverted back to turn one.