Dirty Laundry - Ep 14 - College Spirit w X3r0h0ur

CodeMarvelous 19757

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Ladies and Gentlemen I am here to tell you that the Garbage Man Can!

In this episode of Dirty Laundry @x3r0h0ur and I build a Geist deck using the fantastic Tech Trader.

Watch us build HERE and watch us pilot HERE

18 Mar 2016 bubbathegoat

It looks like the garbage man can... trigger 3 credits and a card draw while breaking Ichi 2.0...and we'll install a Crescentus to derez it for good measure.

18 Mar 2016 Gaxeco

The real problem of this deck is the Curtain Wall on remote

Besides of that, great deck :D

18 Mar 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Gaxeco its an experimental build that we built live so it is by no means perfect. thats a good call though. Maybe find room for an E shutdown

18 Mar 2016 manveruppd

or an inside job

18 Mar 2016 bubbathegoat

I still like Femme Fatale to deal with annoying ICE. As a bonus, it's actually in faction here. It may be a crutch, but it's my favorite crutch.

Of course, in this case it's really, really expensive in a deck that runs cheap everything and relatively light on credits...

18 Mar 2016 AV8R

This is great, and I'm looking forward to test driving it. I started playing Geist awhile back because I found myself always too reticent to trash cards, and wanted to really push myself in that direction. After awhile I pulled out Levy because 90% of the time the game was over by then. Here was an early attempt: netrunnerdb.com Here's where I ended up after Data & Destiny, when I realized Geist might be a way to be Sunny without the long wind-up: netrunnerdb.com I also dropped out of syphon/nach because it just usually wasn't what I needed, and dumping b&e's was kind of expensive, even with an 11-credit swing. Also, in my experience the tech writer didn't pay off like I wanted it to. Maybe with tech trader in the mix it will be better. I'm very psyched about that card. :)

18 Mar 2016 Axlotl

Been testing Apartment Geist with PolOp from the next pack. Not to many games played yet, but the Apartment engine is pretty neat when its firing on full steam.

18 Mar 2016 thecodetroll

Damn. I tried this out on Jnet a fair few times and whether I won or lost, I didn't care, this was a HOOT... I'm going Party at Armands appartment more often after this! Its just so fluid, after a few initial seconds a turn of planning in my head I could imagine all kinds of windows of oppertunities with the draw engine and instant speed answers with peddler and savior, drawing and installing when and what i need most. Watched the build video too, really helped me understand how it should play and I havent been disappointed yet, Love it :D

18 Mar 2016 skydivingninja

Do you really need Faerie? It was great in Geist when you could run 3 clone chips, but not sure if he needs it now since Mongoose and tons of money exist.

18 Mar 2016 CodeMarvelous

@skydivingninja Getting rid of faerie might give us much needed slots, but when you want a faerie you REALLY want one.

18 Mar 2016 thrazznos

Political Operative is going to be a really important new include in this deck archetype.

18 Mar 2016 sepruda

The Helpful AI is a connection that gives link, and it's trash ability is helpfull for the cloud breakers.

18 Mar 2016 wessig

with 3 peddler and only one SOT is 2RDI better than 2 maker's eye?

19 Mar 2016 moistloaf

the apartment doesn't have much value after levy (only peddlers and fall guys), i wonder if it's really worth 3 slots and influence

19 Mar 2016 AV8R

After levy you won't be hurting for draw, I wouldn't worry. The apartment is an early game card, but a strong one for that portion of the game.

19 Mar 2016 bubbathegoat

I've played with this deck and a variation a bit, I have a few observations:

  1. I really need Account Siphon, I can't hold back FA or Tagstorm decks without it. Both decks use cheap ICE, so Crescentus doesn't hurt them much.
  2. Clone Chip is a really strong card, since it will essentially pay you for installing a breaker, that you will probably get paid to use. However, with all of the draw power in this deck, you will very likely run through the entire deck by mid-game. If you want to have a late game, you need Levy AR Lab Access
  3. I know flatline decks are not very big right now, but Crash Space may be necessary if they come back. Also, I'm running Siphon so I like the free credits.
  4. Off-Campus Apartment is really great if you get it early, but once you are running, you will have plenty of draw. I don't use it much. I've also seen more Elizabeth Mills than I feel safe about.
  5. Passport v Peacock, when I blow up all of my Crowbars early, I like being able to hit a remote repeatedly, particularly in this current meta loaded with Marcus Batty, Caprice Nisei, and Ash 2X3ZB9CY. I don't think Passport offers enough advantage over Peacock for me.
  6. Savoir-faire is better than I thought it would be. The deck draws a lot of cards on a run, and installing a Crescentus from hand to derez a Tollbooth the corp just rezzed feels gloriously dirty.

In summary, I really, really like this deck. It is working far better than anything I had been cooking before @CodeMarvelous and @X3r0h0ur shared this with the community. I really like the fast setup and play I get out of this deck. As described, it pressures remotes very well and bottles agendas up in HQ.

20 Mar 2016 dogstew

Played this deck for the first time today at a SC. Ended up getting 3rd of 24. I absolutely love this deck. Thank you for making it; it's the first crim deck I've ever played that I actually had fun with. Any thoughts on what to cut once Plop hits? I am planning on going down to one Savoir-Faire (as much as I loved having that card) to make room for a plop or two. I do think playing 46 in this deck is fine, as it's incredibly easy to draw through your entire deck.

@wessig I can't speak for the designers of the deck, but I think Maker's Eye is better. You don't want to be running a ton, at least not initially. Targeted, high power runs are better, and Maker's Eye and Legwork just excel at that.

22 Mar 2016 x3r0h0ur

I would say 1 savoire faire is fine. You can also go 1 medium 1 shard of your choice, or go to zu and rework the inf.

I'm now testing with siphon again, and I might be wrong, I think with the money generated by the tech traders, and in conjunction with crescentus, Siphon could be as good as ever here. I have new build testing without the frills listed here, and more on siphon denial. I do however have some fun/good goofy stuff, 2 compromised employee. You know whats nice? Not having to pay any traces, ever!

Still can't wait for hopper.

22 Mar 2016 michaeln

Archangel is painful if your OCA is on the board and getting a strength 6 code gate breaker isn't easy. Do you have to be even more cautious vs yellow decks with 3+ credits? (Having the corp force an encounter when you access in R&D or HQ is just as painful as seeing it when installed.)

22 Mar 2016 bubbathegoat

I've added Crash Space to deal with removing tags (for free) and meat damage prevention. I think it's a solid add if you go up against much meat damage.

3 Jun 2016 mo0g

Had two bottles of wine then tried this out for the first time on Jinteki.net. I clicked all the cards. Then it turned out I won.