BlackEthics 2.7

Omadon 35

So, I'm about ready to publish this thing. Shall be my first deck I've written up on here and I'm pretty damn proud of it. Its going nearly undefeated on JT.N, often to comments around the turn 10/15 mark of 'What does this even fucking do?', 'Were you planning on boring me to death'? or my personal favourite (Actually after my girlfriend's first swing at it) - 'I admire your commitment to being disliked'.

Clever intros aside - this thing is the bastard offspring of my love for both IG and rigshooter things. I happened upon it completely by accident while trying to find the influence for Product Recall as the power to repeatedly gain ~20 credits at the drop of a hat is utterly obscene. Rototurret just lept out and bit me from amidst a pile of 1 Inf HB cards and the rest is history.

Some of the card choices in this may seem a little weird/counter intuitive. Agroplex, despite being in a deck that wants to kill people with net damage - is completely nuts. Any time this deck gets to sit and draw for any length of time is one it generally wins. Espexially if Jackson gets to sit on the board for a couple turns. It helps draw into this sort of thing and then gets fed to a Product Recall, not to mention it's already got a high rez/trash ratio anyway so even if you're playing without an archives lock then it can still net you a fair bit of money. Plus stuffing the runner's hand, especially with WyldCakes going around means that they have to decide between pressuring you or losing cards early/having things clipped by Bio-Ethics and then getting important stuff locked out under a Blacklist.

Also - Two Cerebral Static may seem like overkill, but in a 54 card deck that literally has no way to score agendas, someone can play Employee Strike and literally win the game off the back of it. Plus it's actually super useful against a couple matchups of it's own accord (Whizz and Geist to name a few). That said, the agenda density of this thing is one of it's biggest bonuses. 8 agendas in 54 cards means it can near enough just tank naked R&D runs for the entire game while stuffing all it's agendas into a borderline unbreakable archives.

Mostly want to put this up to see what people think of the build. I'm running into lots of opponents on JT.N that just want to play their cards and build their pretty rig/have what they imagine to be their power turn, by which point I've got ~10 cards in Archives and the game is already over. Any suggestions would be well recieved :>

20 Apr 2016 GrantZilla1979

Most of your cards appear to be useful - what are you throwing face down into Archives?

The one thing that I can see right off the bat is that once they discover that your Archives aren't prickly, they'll gladly keep running the pile to blank your ID.

And without Neural EMP or Ronin or Project Junebug or Cerebral Overwriter your only flatline condition seems to be setting up an untrashable Bio-Gen lock, supported by a Fetal AI access or a Hostile Infrastructure. Which is still effing BRUTAL, mind you. But if were me, if I were playing the flatline game, I'd want a touch more insurance.

Something like another Clone Suffrage Movement to ensure you start your turn with a pair of Neural EMP at all times?

20 Apr 2016 Omadon

Mm. This is the issue I've been having. I've experimented with Ronin and found it just sat there game after game. EMP was good while I ran it TBH and that's the most likely route I think. Seriously considering finding room for a Reversed Accounts when SI comes out so I can then access Salem's Hospitality. In the mean time I'll probably go back to EMP as honestly the deck was pretty different to what it is now last I tried. Shall be back with results :3

20 Apr 2016 kmxnsxn

Oh my god - I read your write-up and thought, ok, ok. Then I twigged which ID it was and my jaw literally dropped. This is evil.

21 Apr 2016 CowboyTintin

"Commitment to being disliked..." Yeah, I've been playing IG for a while now... Before it actually became trendy, if I might add:)... and being actually genuinely, candidly disliked is pretty ridiculous! Both satisfying as well as chagrining. :)

I'll take it, though, if it's winning me games. :)

22 Apr 2016 Baitdoll

IS it a clever intro? You worked hard on this dime-a-dozen, rampant, current meta deck? Its a super good stupid deck. EVERYONE's win percentage with it is high. There are literally 122 of these with 2 cards difference at most on the front page now.

22 Apr 2016 CowboyTintin

Clever intro or not, this just feels like a potshot. Sure, it's a really strong deck. And sure it's hard to play against, and everyone's win percentages with it are high-ish, but this comment's neither constructive nor reasonably critical.

You're just venting your dislike of the ID onto the newest IG deck on Netrunnerdb. Good show...

And in case you didn't even care to look, this guy's got some bizarre differences in this deck. I won't point them out... If it matters that much to you you can look into it yourself.

22 Apr 2016 Baitdoll

Absolutely not true. Unlike you, I show no clear bias. You mention how youve been playing it forever, even before anyone else, as if your better than other people playing it. You mention how its your deck and how much you like it.

I've never played it, with it or against it. Its just everywhere. I only listed facts. You are factually butthurt by your own admission because you just love it when people say anything about this deck since you apparently invented it.


22 Apr 2016 CowboyTintin

:) Touche. I'll admit that I'm a bit biased. There were 3 paragraphs in my reply to you. The last was simply vitriol. (I'll admit that. I still stand by it, just for the sake of the argument, but it wasn't really necessary.)

The first 2 paragraphs were a specific response to your unnecessary jab at Omadon's explanation of his deck. Whether you like it or not Omadon can post whatever deck he likes on here, whether or not it's the current 'favorite' in the meta or not, and -- quite possibly because of my bias, I'll admit -- it just rubs me the wrong way you snark at his explanation for no really tenable reason. I get it... You feel like he's acting like he's adding something 'new' with a deck you feel is actually quite normal. Well, like I said above, he does have some new stuff here.

Ultimately, you should just deal with it. You seem to only be saying 'screw you' to Omadon for posting a deck you think is redundant... NetrunnerDB's full of redundancy, and it's really not that much of a problem. Nobody expects a heavily pruned site here... it's all for fun anyway, in the end.

Also, I might as well add, taking my earlier comment out of context, isn't great place to expound on for an argument. What I said was clearly a light, non-technical response to something I connected to, in an odd way. (And I'm sure you'll try and make THIS post seem ill-founded in some way, too...)

Hey, I'm not trying to offend, really. I just think your post was a bit needlessly aggressive.

22 Apr 2016 Baitdoll

Shush kid.

22 Apr 2016 CowboyTintin


22 Apr 2016 CowboyTintin

Gotta love it...

22 Apr 2016 Omadon

Ooh. So edgy. All the noise you just made aside - go do a search for decks including Industrial Genomics and Rototurret, specifically decks using these cards to enable the HB Alliance stuff. You will find three decks - two of which are by me. In a game where a finite number of permutations exist, and as far as NRDB is apparently concerned - I did actually invent this particular crossbreed.

Which isn't to say that I toiled in the card mines, and after a countless days and nights of hard labour - forged the raw cardsfuffs into a new identity with my bare hands etc etc. No - I put some cards together in a way I feel is pretty clever, and am appropriately pleased with it. If this bothers you then I kind of think you're on the wrong website.

22 Apr 2016 Robotron5673

I'm surprised the hypersensitive viewers didn't get offended by the deck title.