Targeting Mumbad Neural Turtles (TMNT)

Shockeh 751

"Know what's really funny in Chronos Protocol? Salem's Hospitality."

So, turns out MCH / Salem's once you see the Runner's Grip via either a Trap, Hostile or Ethics depletes it really, really fast. Like, whoops I hit you with Neural EMP Click 3 you're dead fast. Like, no, you can't IHW fast. This is a pure gimmick kill deck that happens to have been way more successful than it has any right to be.

You need to get very good, very fast at remembering what you've seen previously, sometimes over multiple turns. I tend to say them in sequence to myself, then trash them in sequence. Always remember if they have 2x of a card, you don't do net damage to it, because you're planning on using your next click on Salem's to take that card away.

Good News / Bad News

Things it likes - People who build rigs. People who run a bit too much and forget Snare! is a thing that becomes much, much, worse if on your turn, you can remember what you saw from the CP effect on the Snare, then Salem's 3 more cards off them.

Things it doesn't like - Mass trashing that ploughs on in spite of Net Damage. People who trash Turtlebacks on sight. Yes, it has a rough time against Whizzard. Yes, he's popular. No, I'm not suggesting this is a Worlds contender.

Other things you might want to consider

Snatch & Grab to blow up certain key cards (Film Critic, for example) Whether there should be a 3rd MCH (I found it reliable enough without) Cortex Lock perenially goes in/put, but AI hate is fun.

"How does this deck score?" It scores 3/1's and 3/2's by making a sea of remotes they just don't want to check, and you're honestly not that bothered if they take them. It gives away the Fetal AI on purpose as net damage, they're just another Snare! functionally.

And you'll never score a TFP, don't even bother. Just cycle those things around Archives & R&D forever. This deck does not have a scoring plan.

13 May 2016 RubbishyUsername

Now I haven't played this deck, so I don't know how it works, but if you are going for the kill in one turn with a boat-load of Bio-Ethics Association and Neural EMP and Salem's Hospitality, why not play a more "mind-games" variant with 3x Psychic Field instead of Hostile Infrastructure? If they hit a single one when you have a bunch of assets, they likely die anyway between Ethics and EMP. Then you don't get wrecked by Whizzard: Master Gamer because they aren't running your assets. Also, since you've then taken the most expensive card out of the deck, you don't need to run nearly as much economy. Then you can fit in nasty stuff like Shock! and Cerebral Cast and Genetics Pavilion and Chairman Hiro.

I also wonder whether Localized Product Line works here over Shipment from MirrorMorph. Maybe this is the one-turn kill mentality, but playing Neural EMP like it's a Mumbad City Hall/Salem's Hospitality combo sounds fun.

Or maybe at the moment I've been making that one Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined deck and every time I see Hostile Infrastructure I want to replace it with Psychic Field.

13 May 2016 esutter479

For Whizzard, I'd run Cerebral Static. That'll keep 'em on their toes.

I like this looks brutal, and at the same time, very raw. Let's get some discussion going, as well as some meaningful testing so that CP can rock like it should! :)

13 May 2016 Syntax

I had the same idea with TM's when Salem was spoiled :) I would suggest an Hokusai Grid or 2 vs Eater decks ;)

13 May 2016 Syntax

I don't like your 3/x though. 7 points in total is too low. What about an unforeseeable Junebug ?

13 May 2016 Shockeh

Thanks all. :) Some thoughts:

@RubbishyUsernameMostly because you don't one turn kill (or at least, very rarely.) You're really just punishing them for 1-2 all the time, forever. They're permanently losing key cards, with which cards to pick varying by matchup. I've had quite a few games on Jinteki (for whatever that's worth) where you kill them with 0 cards left in Stack.

@esutter479 As always, the problem is space. You 'have' to run 3xTM, to enable the Salem's Alliance discount. That's already 3 Currents in the deck. I did toy with using either Wraparound or Kala Ghoda Real TV for the 6 NBN cards required, and felt TM shores up the weakness to Siphon (and interestingly, keeps 'good' cards in their hand as they don't want to play them, proving a greater opportunity to snipe them with Salem's.

@SyntaxThis deck has literally never scored out. I don't even plan to, past a certain point. Hokusai is a good shout, but as with Casts, I can never find anything I'm prepared to toss for it.

  • I really value Cerebral Cast in here, because it's a win/win as long as you can play Psi - Either they take the Brain, and now it's SO much easier to finish them off, or they take the tag, and you take their (somewhat inevitable) Wyldside/Critic. It's only not in because once again, deck space.
  • I've also previously run just a few more basic gearcheck ICE, just to keep them from running freely. You can even toss in a couple of Spiderweb for Shipment if your Runner scene is super aggressive.
15 May 2016 ANRguybrush

How to build a museum deck:

-Start with a normal 49cards deck.

-Add 3xmuseum and two pet cards.

-Remove six pieces of ice and exchange them for turtlebacks and Hostile Infrastructure.

-Exchange hedge funds for diversified portfolio.