Whizz Gets Worms. GNK Win - Comic Cellar - Mphs, TN - 6/4/16

DarkMite2 329

This is my take on Dumblefork / TheBigBoy Whizzard decks. Nothing I am about to write is "ground breaking" it's pretty cliche' Anarch. However, my win rate with this build is around 80% - 8 out 10 matches. I went undefeated at this event.

I've played Dumblefork since it was published and saw another player win my FLGS Store Championship using it. However, I found the way I Run just doesn't "click" with the Utensil events. Forked, Spooned, Knifed were usually dead draws or clogging up my hand. It seems the Corp always has a different piece of ICE rezzed than the event I'm holding. I thumb my nose at the MWL and let Parasite & Datasucker do what they do best.

Swapping the Utensils for 2x Hacktivist Meeting and 1x Adjusted Chronotype does so much more work with my style of Running. Hacktivist Meeting brings HQ to a grind and a third Pancakes insures I have 4 clicks more often than not.

Also, I REALLY agree with TheBigBoy about dropping 3x Career Fair and replacing it with 3x Dirty Laundry. Career Fair tended to be a card I was too worried about "wasting" by discarding to Faust and it would clog up my hand.

I used the Career Fair influence for a third Clone Chip. The MVP of the deck! With 3x, I draw it much faster and I don't feel any pressure to refrain from using them until it's an "emergency" or late game. I feel so much better discarding programs with Faust now, as there is usually a Clone Chip on the table to allow mid-Run recursion.

Also, no Turntable? Yep! After MONTHS of play I was able to use Turntable ONCE in my favor. Grimoire on the other hand is ALWAYS useful.

Corroder? Yep! This deck is rarely short on creds and it's so much easier to break Fracters this way, especially Wraparound or Spiderweb. You have the memory thanks to Grimoire.

FYI - I usually hold onto I've Had Worse for damage control instead of drawing with it, unless I have multiples in hand and want to make a big Faust Run. There are far too many Corps playing "Flatliner" than Netrunner.

Why so many 3x cards? I gotta make that Faustian bargin somehow. So many cards are just fodder to discard for Faust once the first is on the table or allow me to recover from Corp trashing.

The only card I might swap out is Levy AR Lab Access. It's just an insurance policy that I RARELY have to use. I've usually won before it's ever a factor. I would also drop Same Old Thing if I swapped out Levy AR Lab Access. I might consider 1x of either Patron or Self-modifying Code and another D4v1d or Medium

8 Jun 2016 spore

Liking the deck so far but I'm not a big fan of a 3rd Adjusted Chronotype, I might exchange it for a 1-of Wanton Destruction, Plascrete Carapace or something else that might work versus green fire cards.

8 Jun 2016 DarkMite2

@spore - This is deck is based on my Run style. Feel free to make any adaptations to your build.

The logic in this build is I got tired of 1x event cards, that I couldn't get into play - "The Utensils". So adding in Wanton Destruction isn't how I want to run. As stated, I added the third Adjusted Chronotype just so I can pitch it, guilt free, to Faust and help find it faster early game.

I pretty much don't care what is in HQ, unless I've hit everywhere else and had no success. I aggressively hit and focus on R&D. I will give up scoring points in remotes just to lock down R&D for a couple turns of multiple Medium runs. (But hey.... that's how I run. You do what you do.)

As stated I use I've Had Worse for protection, instead of Plascrete Carapace. It's a great way to make Corps have to decide if they can actually kill you. It's a great feeling to see a Corp spend all their s to tag and damage you and still be standing afterwards and have cards in hand for next turn.

I have won soooo many games with nothing on the table but Medium and the courage to face check everything.

So...good luck and happy Running!