TheBigBoy 8594

This is an aggressive spin on Shaper using Patron and Desperado to enable a run-based-economy. Deck details and guide on RuntheNet:


8 Jun 2016 Ajar

A nice new spin on an old classic.

-1 Atman +1 Scavenge would mitigate some of the limitations you mentioned in the article. Less worry about setting Atman correctly, access to more Parasites if needed, and the ability to reset CyCy. I don't think you want more than one, but I've seen a single Scavenge do great work in many a Kate deck.

8 Jun 2016 stoppableforce

5 Ashes is hilarious to me for some reason.

That said, it is not truly competitive for a lot of reasons that are not really worth going into here.

Would you care to go into it here?

8 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

@AjarThat's pretty smart. It's worth trying. It does increase the chances that I have to SMC for Atman which is REALLY annoying. You never want to Clone Chip SMC in this deck.

@stoppableforceGood players will set up game-losing CVS situations and/or will have the correct balance of central defense and proactive scoring. The deck is not easy to play against but once you get how it works really well a good Corp player should be able to shut it down.

That's said, I win a lot and have never been on the other side, so who knows :P

8 Jun 2016 DonutTaganes

I mean I loved Datasucker/Desperado Shaper as much as the next person, but:

1) How can you ever deal with CVS/Destroyer? Don't you just get obliterated unless you've got Clone Chips left?

2) You don't get to play clot, which seems pretty miserable

3) Patron can so easily be shut down by ICE on centrals early - then the deck just shuts down

4) Playing Out of the Ashes for 1 early seems so miserable, and then needing Desperado to be able to punish horizontal decks like you want to seems like it's high variance, not consistent?!

Interesting idea, but I'm not sure I'd say that we were flat out wrong that Out of the Ashes isn't the best value. This seems to be bending over backwards to get something out of it.

8 Jun 2016 YamiSusanSarandon

Man I really want to see what your take on Clone Chip/Parasite Null would be once that comes out.

8 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy


  1. What destroyers? They are all clickable or traces right now. You can get an emergency Atman if you have to. The truth is that if you apply real pressure these situations come up less often. If you trash a CVS early you often never see it again. I acknowledge that Archer decks are a problem, but again they are not super common and they suck for other reasons that you can use to beat them.

  2. Desperado is better against NEH than Clot is. The engine of this deck gets you a crazy number of accesses against them.

  3. This is why you parasite stuff. The non-yellow decks in the game right now either rely on a making an remote to afford their good ice (HB), or have half their ICE blanked by Atman 4 + Kati (Palana). It's harder to do that you'd think.

  4. NEVER play out of the Ashes. Only discard it when you overdraw from Patron/Diesel. I say to discard them in the article. The point of the card is that it gives you something for nothing.

8 Jun 2016 whirrun

Were you around during Katman? (Probably the first truly oppressive runner deck) Lists like this still give me chills.

8 Jun 2016 Joseki

Gotta get Davinci in on that run Econ game ;)

8 Jun 2016 beladee

Notoriety or Apocalypse are both options that might agree with your run-a-lot style, especially since Out of the Ashes basically gives you an extra try, or an extra run on Archives after trashing all the Corp's stuff. Notoriety at least would be pretty easy to fit in

8 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

My influence is locked, but Noto is totally worth trying in 9-agenda GFI heavy metas.

9 Jun 2016 TonyStellato

Councilman can help with the CVS problem. It's not the most elegant solution, but it can help

9 Jun 2016 apri

YES. I love this. Sleeved it as soon as i saw it and will be testing it out. I wish this wasn't so packed with influence so I could squeeze a stimhack in it ):

9 Jun 2016 Oziride

in a meta full of Swordsman can be wise to have some solution about the AI hate?

9 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

@Ozirideyou can CC Parasite a Swordsman. It's only Sword + CVS that gets you. Even then you just lose 1 Atman, not the whole game. I think Sharpshooter is the best solution if you really insist on having something.

@apriTell me about it...

9 Jun 2016 Myriad

@TheBigBoy Thanks for the deck! I tried slotting in Da'Vinci and discovered how god awful that card really is. Definitely going back back to Modded.

If Desperado comes off the MWL, or Shaper gets some more successful run stuff, this deck will be pretty damn good.

9 Jun 2016 Swatchblade

And its TheBigBoy again! I really like all ur decks except maybe PerfumeShop which didnt fit my playstyle. Thx for posting new ideas and decks

9 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

@MyriadIndeed, a second Datasucker and a Stimhack would really help.

10 Jun 2016 Hatesnow

Swordsman trashed my 4 strength Atman.. n.n

10 Jun 2016 TonyStellato

Given that you don't have SoT and you already have 3 RDI, why not drop Makers Eye for that Sharpshooter?

10 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

Maker's has won me a lot of games, but that's a reasonable change.

11 Jun 2016 Simone Suka

no Clot? i suppose you'll trash sansans?

15 Jun 2016 Oziride

I've to say man... this is the f**king deck most funny ever!
see the corps do thing while you laught at it is hilarious, yesterday was like:
corp: trash 1 program
dumbokate: ok go
corp: eeemm, ok, then: do 2 net damage
dumbokate: easy, go
corp: WTF?! then I kill your atman
dumbokate: No problem, go!

and then I win

16 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

@OzirideYa you DGAF about a lot of subs. That's why having robost on-demand breaking isn't that important. Sounds like you're playing the deck the right way!

16 Jun 2016 Oziride

I hope, I'm a medium player so there is some match that seems impossible and some match that end bad, isn't easy to play. Yesterday I lose for a Philotic Entanglement because have 3 agendas ( 1 GFI) and 0 card in hand

16 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

Ya, I'll admit that Jinteki kill is not the best match-up.

23 Jun 2016 SiuYi

@ TheBigBoy:

  • Do you have any tips on starting hands?
  • How do you deal with those pesky sentries/ killers up to strength 2?
24 Jun 2016 TheBigBoy

@SiuYiYou want 2 econ cards or an econ card and a Patron. 1 Econ card and a Diesel can be OK if the rest of your hand seems like it will be useful.

Clone Chip Parasite or awkward Atman

26 Jun 2016 munchli21

@TheBigBoy Hey just wanted to tell you a made a new deck out of your runthenet article for regionals! And it did remarkably well! Check out: netrunnerdb.com Sorry for spamming this thread, but I couldn't find a message function in here.

27 Jul 2016 binarydogs

Looking at Temujin Contract as a possible alternative to running Desperado? Would save enough influence to drop an Atman and Ashes and run another copy each of Parasite and Datasucker.

Less flexible than the Desperado and doesn't benefit from Kate's ability but figuring it would maintain the synergy with Patron/Ashes.

Any thoughts?

27 Jul 2016 TheBigBoy

It's possible. Temujin is a very powerful card.

15 Aug 2016 Caïssa

Any tips for Blue Sun glacier with Sandburg? I found it tough to use all the run-based econ and draw early game, because everything got iced up quickly. Blue Sun can always move things around, and Sandburg screws up Atman.

16 Aug 2016 TheBigBoy

Yeah, if the Blue Sun player gets a perfect draw then an Atman Sucker deck is going to get destroyed. Play a more conventional Shaper to combat Weyland.

8 Oct 2016 Conduit23

Getting back into Netrunner for the first time since Honor & Profit, a viable Katman build brings me great joy. Tried using Tyson Observatory to find Desperado to free up influence?