4th Place Regional AggroGabe, undefeated in Swiss

munchli21 338

This deck was on the verge of not going to the Regionals in Zürich, Switzerland because it only lost its last few test rounds online on jinteki.net. The inspiration of this deck was through TheBigBoy's pretty cool runthenet article: On Drugs and Devils: A New Breed of Aggressive Criminal.

A few cycles later there have been a lot of changes this deck was going through. I wanted to build a simple deck, with only good cards. And actually that took me further than expected! I went 4th at Regionals and this deck only lost to the champion in Top8 cut, undefeated in swiss and 5-1 overall! My corp deck Palana (deck list coming soon...) didn't fare so well unfortunately (3-3 overall)

Strategy: Pretty much Gabe self-explanatory. You go hard or home. Just run first click on HQ. Make them rez everything, find your breakers, make them poor with Account Siphon, earn a lot of money with HQ runs. The game should not last very long. Hammer HQ with Legwork if possible, after they close it use Sneakdoor and then go for RnD, prefarably with Maker's Eye. If the game last long you have to improvise sometimes because a lot of Closed Accouns are around at the moment and you will be really poor sometimes (you will not clear tags in all of your games). Make sure you have some recovery cards after a big hit like: Easy Mark and Quality Time as Faust food, or a single Fisk Investment Seminar also helps with that.

Some notable card explanations: Freedom It's a cool card. Somehow expensive but with all those GFI around it can win games. It won me a game against one opponent in Top8 cut while I was having 4 points and played it before a Maker's Eye found a two Pointer. Plascrete is just necessary as a 3-of because you go tagme. It helped during my games against Weyland and yellow factions. Desperado in starting hand is usually an insta-keep. Best console gives you around 15-30 credits a game. Works best with Dirty Laundry and Bank Job or just HQ runs.

Try this deck out, make pressure from turn 1, aggressively check each server and steal agendas, make money with your runs and close the game pretty soon. Criminals are still the best! And this one is a beauty!

26 Jun 2016 b3ar

congratulation. very nice list.

26 Jun 2016 qvm

Awesome writeup and congrats. I'm really happy you brought this deck. Even if it doesn't perform for a few games on Jinteki, you should bring the deck that you love and that fits you. Your strong performance yesterday is a perfect example.

26 Jun 2016 beyoken

Cool deck and congrats! :D

Do you miss the 3rd Desperado, or does this deck generate more than enough money? Also, how do you ensure Freedom lands? Only play it right before a Legwork/Maker's Eye and cross your fingers?

26 Jun 2016 munchli21

@bewnt Thank you so much! Honestly, yes I miss Desperado. MWL hit me somehow! But so did it others. I find it quite well usually with my card drawing power. So in general it's not that big concern. But sometimes it can be strange with MU if you want to play your programs and you can't. The Freedom was actually included to counter mean currents like ELP, Cerebral Static, or Targeted Marketing as much to score the extra agenda point you so desperately need sometimes. The plan works much better with Legwork and goes like this: You Fisk flood them with agendas, build up some money in between, wait for the right moment (hard to tell or guess) watch out for Jackson archives dump and then you go for it. Usually there is at least one agenda in their hand. Yellow factions tend to keep and Astro in hand. And you got the 3/5 chance.

28 Jun 2016 Swatchblade

I`ve played like 6 games with this and felt totally sad without desperado (money and especially the MU with Sneakdoor) So I would remove a Faust (cause there is no real program trashing in the meta) and add a Desperado. And then move around the other cards to completely use the influence. My suggestion would be a datasucker.

Congrats ;)

29 Jun 2016 HandsomeMonkey

What are your thoughts on Drug Dealer vs Quality Time? Often They won't bother to trash them when you go tag me, and if you do Faust is really just an in between breaker anyway. As stated by Swatchblade Datasucker would be very happy in this list.

Congrats on the win!

29 Jun 2016 munchli21

@Swatchblade Thanks! Yes I agree that Desperado can be needed so desperately in some games for the money. I don't agree, however, with MU problems. If in doubt, just garbage the Sneakdoor Beta (you most certainly got your money back from the HQ runs with it anyways) At some point the archives will be locked up like HQ and with Sneakdoor you get only single accesses anyway. That's usually the way I do it. You probably don't even need all the breakers out at once.

@HandsomeMonkey Thanks. Unfortunately, I didn't win the tournament ;-) I had the drug dealers before when I was playing the original decklist from the runthenet article. It is such a helpful card but at some point the corp realizes its potential and destroys it. And let me tell you, 1 credit or up to 3 if installed this many times, can hurt really bad (as we already discussed with the desperado topic ;)). Datasucker would be a sweet include as well. But then again, MU, influence, and setup time is tight. This deck is ready, set go. All-In. But feel free to try it out and tell me how it improves it! Thanks again

29 Jun 2016 Swatchblade

The original Faust Gabe from TheBigBoy had HQ Intefaces instead of legwork. That would make the HQ Intefaces more interesting. On the other hand it doesnt work that well with Freedom Through Equality...

29 Jun 2016 munchli21

@Swatchblade I've just added the 'Derived From' part. Your suggestions pretty much describe my earlier build: netrunnerdb.com Just have a look whether this suits you better.

30 Jun 2016 Swatchblade

I will test a modification of this deck, thats a bit similar to ur previous one. Can`t tell whether its better or not: - 1Faust, -1 Plascrete, -2 Legwork, -2 FTE, -1 Mongoose, +1 Desperado, +1 Datasucker, + 1 Special Order, + 2 HQInteface, +2 E3 Implants Without Legwork FTE isnt that good, Mongoose is mainly for Swordsman/Komainu so just for single ICE. With E3 Implants u dont need that much draw

12 Jul 2016 Kurnster

I'm really enjoying this deck, thank you for sharing!

I have been playing a lot, and will most loses I credit to my inexperience in the game, I am genuinely struggling with Jinteki decks. They upset the rhythm I get from this deck terribly. Is there any guidance you could give when facing a Jinteki Corp with this deck?

10 Sep 2016 Glimen

I played against this on jinteki trying out my new nisei division deck and was impressed by the speed it ran at and if it wasn't for a few fortunate psi games, would have probably ran away with the game. Nice to meet @munchli also. He is a gent.

I really like this deck and am going to have to try it out!