Free Fall Runner Deck (possible spoilers)

Cuacuani 75

I've just finished Free Fall and decided to create a pair of themed decks based around the story, the same way I did for Strange Flesh. Again, these aren't exactly competitive, but I think they should be roughly balanced against one another. The Corp deck is here.

Free Fall has presented a strange conundrum. Normally, I sort of assume that the Runner is the heroic underdog battling the evil corporation. In Free Fall, our hero is Rick Harrison, an embittered detective, working with NBN reporter Lily Lockwell to solve a murder linked to Human First. This means that the Runner deck is kind of the 'villain' deck, which sits a little at odds with the mechanics of Netrunner.

Firstly, Identity. Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire is the only Runner mentioned by name, but he never appears in the book, so I've gone for Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer as he's a member of Human First.

Infiltration, Demolition Run, Planned Assault and Wanton Destruction represent the murder. Although it isn't actually the Earthrise, Earthrise Hotel is a decent stand-in for the crime scene.

The motive, to incite hatred against bioroids and clones, is represented by Itinerant Protesters, Power to the People and Activist Support. The murderers attempt to Frame a Sacrificial Clone called Mark Henry for the crime. Also, a human is made to look like a clone, so I've included Decoy.

Drive By is any of the three attempts on Rick's life, one of which is foiled by Raymond Flint. Despite not being on Human First's side, it seems remiss not to include Raymond, seeing as he has a card.

The ICE Breaker suite is pretty basic, given that no runs take place in the story. Disrupter gives the Runner deck a bit of an answer to the number of traces in the Corp deck.

Forger and Underworld Contact give the deck some economy, even if it's not strictly on theme.