BigBoy CtM TempoTag

TheBigBoy 8600

Not much time to write this up properly but this deck is a monster. Use the tempo of the CtM ID + Bankers/Sensie to rush hard. Punish them with HHN if they stop you, News into Closed or ASI if they don't. Finish them off by scoring out behind Booth or with EoI/Psycho.

29 Jul 2016 wynalazca

Thanks for posting publicly. Now I know what to tech against next week :)

29 Jul 2016 RubbishyUsername

Can I point out how nuts the amount of CtM we're getting at the moment on the front page of Netrunnerdb? I'm currently counting 4 out of the top 5 lists, and 7 total.

I mean, a lot of them are taking all sorts of different routes to victory, but still, it's really nuts and it's making me scared.

29 Jul 2016 wedgeex

If you're scared get some link, sir!

29 Jul 2016 PureFlight

If we're not careful, people are going to start playing Sunny!

naw i'm just playin. Nexus Kate will come back long before that.

30 Jul 2016 moistloaf

@RubbishyUsername it's one of the most powerful cards we've seen in awhile, I think. add that to Yellow's already strong card pool and it makes sense. I think HHN is the meta-defining card for the coming months

30 Jul 2016 ANRguybrush

49 cards? no mumbad city hall? That sounds actually quite reasonable.

31 Jul 2016 rotage

I took this to Reading regional (100 ish people) went 3-2 in Swiss (IDed last 2 rounds) and didn't play it in the cut.

My two losses one was when the runner went tag me after HNN and hit 5pts worth of Agendas in a couple of R&D runs. The second lose was when a Geist siphon deck went tag me early on and kept trashing must of my assets and sipon spaming me

Both games I made mistakes due a lack of testing with the deck (3 games on Jnet the day before) not sure what changes I would make to it though but was definitely effective

31 Jul 2016 TheBigBoy

Yeah learning how to switch to being defensive against tagme is the hardest thing to learn. Keep practicing the deck and you get there :)

31 Jul 2016 lolpaca

Thoughts on Bernice Mai?

31 Jul 2016 TheBigBoy

@lolpacagood card but doesn't really solve a problem you have. I think Herrings is better in that slot since it both helps you stick the HHN AND stays relevant once they are already tagged.

1 Aug 2016 bubbathegoat

I like it, I'm running something kinda similar I think. I run fewer econ cards and smaller ICE, with more focus on scoring quickly. I try to focus my gameplay on driving a credit advantage into my favor until the runner decides to go tag-me, which looks like the same thing you are doing.

I'm using Mumbad Virtual Tour as a remote-check punishment/central defense, so I more aggressively attack the runner's credits than build up my own.

1 Aug 2016 jawZ

@TheBigBoy What do you think about 2x SanSan City Grid for one Commercial Bankers Group and maybe the Daily Business Show? SSCG seems powerful in this ID.

On another note: Mind sharing your view on why you added the according numbers of Hard-Hitting News, Closed Accounts and Exchange of Information?

1 Aug 2016 TheBigBoy

@jawZin my first draft I actually had 3 HHN, 1 closed and 2 EoI. I just played the deck about 20 times and tweaked the numbers based on how useful they felt. It was basically just trial and error. HHN and EoI are flexible numbers but I'm 100% sure that fewer than 2 Closed is just wrong.

In my latest version I actually have -1 bankers +1 SSCG + 1 Mumba Temple -1 CVS. I found I never used the CVS. I didn't want to cut my best econ card for 2 copies of a really expensive card, and Mumba Temple is a card that gets worse in multiples so a single copy is good value.

1 Aug 2016 TheBigBoy

The main reason for the SanSan is to provide do-or-die situations for Val who is blackmail spamming.

2 Aug 2016 lolpaca

After a few games, this does seem crazy strong. Even in my game vs Prepaid Kate, where the runner had 2 and was trashing my Pads and CBGs religiously, I still won without much trouble just by clicking for credits most of the time.

I like the idea of working a SanSan in. Would you not want to drop one of the Sensies instead of CVS, or is it a case of wanting to see it as soon as possible?

2 Aug 2016 TheBigBoy

@lolpacayeah sensie is the single best card to have in your opening hand.

3 Aug 2016 poorhaus

Definitely a strong deck. Sleeved this up and won all 4 or 5 games, with basically only the advice that you want sensie to start (which is very true). I'll def keep testing.

I do wonder if the fact that there're only 2x HHN to trace for tags will hurt it in replays. The runner sometimes had windows to run/score where I couldn't tag them afterwards for lack of HHN but of course they didn't know that. Sensie helped find the pieces but if the Sensies all got trashed I could see it being an uphill climb. Seems like scoring a BN off the table is the most reliable way to tag, but a runner who checks remotes can avoid that. That's another good argument for the SanSan/Mumba version.

Closed Accounts is an MVP for sure. Though a bursty runner like Prepaid Kate may be able to bounce back quickly. Haven't played that deck with this yet but I've seen it more lately.

@TheBigBoyHave you thought about including a current? or would you rely on scoring a BN to clear a Rumor Mill/Employee strike?

3 Aug 2016 TheBigBoy

Rumor mill doesn't matter. It only blanks Jackson. Clear Strike by scoring a news.

3 Aug 2016 poorhaus

Oh man I totally missed the implication of the word unique on there. Carry on.

3 Aug 2016 JDC_Wolfpack

Being one of @poorhaus's losses, I can attest to the fact that Sensie is just gross in CtM, you know you need to trash it, but you hate to take that tag.

@TheBigBoy How does this deck fair against Apocalypse spam Kate/Val? It seems like it'd be a harder match up but maybe by the time the apocalypses start rolling you've already won?

3 Aug 2016 TheBigBoy

@JDC_WolfpackYa you're too fast.

4 Aug 2016 rojazu

This deck can get stomped over by tagme anarchs. Have you tested crisiums in the 3rd banker slot?

4 Aug 2016 Necro

@TheBigBoyHow about Clone Suffrage Movement? You have a lot of important and useful operations.

4 Aug 2016 TheBigBoy

@NecroCom bankers is a hedge fund every turn. It's better.

5 Aug 2016 MrMint

@TheBigBoy I played the list a lot and I really like it, well done !

I put a midseason in there tho for when the runner is a 20+ credits, HHN is less of a threat.

Anyway, great deck. :)

8 Aug 2016 spags

Pulled Herrings/Bankers for 2 SSCG. Went 5-3 at GC, losing to two DLR, and a Keyhole. ICE can't keep them out, and two of them dropped Slums T1/2, with Scrubbers to boot.

10 Aug 2016 saracenus

Having just watched @x3r0h0uron Dirty Laundry explain his card choices for his [Zealous Argus]("Deck List") deck; I am thinking that a singleton Zealous Judge subbed for one Commercial Bankers Group (CBG) might be a great way to stick a tag after playing Hard-Hitting News.

@bubbathegoat I loved your inclusion of Mumbad Virtual Tour in your GenCon deck. Rather than using CBG to race ahead of the Runner you drain them and possibly land a tag. That is another route to go.

10 Aug 2016 x3r0h0ur

I think the biggest problem with adding ZJ to this type of deck vs argus is that you need ice that can actually stop or tax out the runner, and with the argus ability, unless they're just taking the meat, you get another tag for them to cope with.

Otherwise, if they can survive having 1 tag for 1 corp turn, they clear 3 and run the judge, saving them from boom/traffic. Then they clear the last tag later, preventing the corp from sticking more tags with ZJ. You would have to run big brother to capitalize on the fork of HHN + ZJ.

Also CBG is very good, not having 3 seems tough.