Rock and Roll Out of Control v2.0

Mordeqai 1796

Encore! Encore! Encore!

Here we are, punk rockers.

Literally none of you have asked for it, and in fact most of you booed us off stage, but we're back with the newest iteration of Mihn MaxX


And holy hell, do we have some changes. I've been waiting to post an updated list until I made significant enough alterations to be worthwhile, and with the addition of Blood Money (And Dan winning), DLR is most definitely online.

Let's look at the additions:

  • Rumor Mill: While I've only known this has existed for about 2 weeks, I can assure you it will become the cornerstone of denial. And probably Anarch in general. Previously, I've slotted Councilman and PoliOp in different compositions in order to deal with Caprice on HQ. While those counters were valid, they still required immense planning, luck, and prediction. Rumor Mill requires none of that, objectively making it more punk rock. Meanwhile, it randomly solves a billion other problems.

  • Wanton Destruction: Fuck Exchange of Information. And Biotic. And double Scorch. Actually, just fuck any 2-card combos (Josh permits 4 trashes, leaving the Corp at 1 card). Thusly, I've been able to safely go down to 1x Paparazzi. Also can save you against a clutch All-Seeing or Psycho

  • Frame Job: Fuck Exchange of Information again. While this has a more difficult requisite than Activist Support, it proved to be slightly better, preemptively, against All-Seeing (Support has a single vulnerable turn, but I've been burned on it). Additionally, this allows you to stack up multiple BP. I threw Activist Support as a 1-of still, just in case I run into multiple or recurred All-Seeing.

  • Scrubber: Fuck Controlling the Message. Tags are already inconsequential, and these in conjunction with Frame Job allow you to control the horizontal game very well.

  • Paperclip: Every Déjà Vu you don't spend on Corroder is another one spent on Account Siphon

  • Femme Fatale: Dan ran this in his list. Helps vs Turing and also everything else.

  • Retrieval Run: See above.


Onto the Matchups:

  • NBN: The only NBN archtypes I've seen, since the new MWL, are based on Exchange of Information. As mentioned above, we've slotted specifically for this. Against CTM, you spam Rumor Milll to kill their Sandburgs, and after that, their ICE is awfully porous, making the Siphon spam a breeze. SYNC on the other hand gives you a much harder time, and you'll instead need to focus on Employee Strike just be fucked. Resistor can give you troubles, but with the slightly stronger Runner-side econ in this iteration), you can hopefully just pay the trace or break with Paperclip if you haven't amassed too many tags. Siphons through a resistor won't turn you a profit (Since they can dump into the trace), but it can still rob the Corp of credits they'd otherwise use to stop you.

  • IG: Salsette Slums is gone, but the new Museum errata created a very notable effect: With a single Museum, the Corp can stop the mill-clock, but they cannot reverse it any longer, making your job simple: Get them down to no cards, then go kill those Museums. Or, you know, play RUMOR MILL HELL YEAH. Savvy degenerates may include a News Now Hour, but hopefully with Eater to flip Archives harmlessly, and Scrubber to take the trash cost down further, you can still destroy them.

  • HB: Haas-Bioroid is the most likely to get away from you in the money game, as much of their econ allows them to dodge Siphons while simultaneously moving them forward. If you can get an early Scrubber, you should be in good shape. But despite their econ, Haas has the least in-faction tools to deal with your DLR rig. Their only hope is to trash your resources the good old-fashioned way, which gets expensive fast. So try to set up slightly stronger than usual (Preferably 2x Fall Guy on the field) before giving them a tag to reverse your progress. Vamp is your most likely way to win this matchup. Besides, you know, RUMOR MILL FUCK YEAH. (Kills Ash, Caprice, Jeeves, and Sandburg. Does HB do anything else?)

  • Other Jinteki (Palana and RP): RUUMMOOORRR MIIIIIIILLLL. Many glacier scores are very telegraphed the turn before, so you don't need to worry until the Corp installs and advances. You can then Vamp them to zero, or play Rumor Mill.

  • CI7: Don't run until you can get them to 0. Then take them to 0 every turn. Also Rumor Mill kills Jackson.

In Conclusion:

Play the deck like it's meant to be played. Hard aggression, intense denial, and mandatory Punk Rock. Your survival with this deck relies on keeping the corp just a credit or two shy of accomplishing what they need, and knowing when those opportunities arise. Never forget that you operate on a razor's edge, and a miscalculation can often lead to a loss.

Keep on rocking, fellow degenerates


"Not just riding on Dan's coattails"

28 Aug 2016 Saan

What's the advantages of this over just playing Dan and Kenny's list, other than playing a deck with weirder cards in it?

28 Aug 2016 Simone Suka

@Saan because he has a Rick's avatar on slack

28 Aug 2016 percomis

@Saan Dan's and Kenny's lists are pre-Blood Money, right?

@Mordeqai you reference Employee Strike in the SYNC matchup, but it's not in the deck?

28 Aug 2016 Mordeqai

@percomis - Fixed.

@Saan - Style.

29 Aug 2016 WhackedMaki

Glad to see you're still working on this. I took a lot of inspiration from your last list when I made the deck that took me to 18th at Gencon. A few questions about some changes though.

Why the Queen's Gambit here? I feel like the third Daily Casts or Day Job could be better. I usually find that after the early game Siphon keeps the econ afloat, and Queens isn't useful early.

Do you ever miss Slums? Removing Crisium from the game is really strong, and the ability to mess with CI7, or CTM before you're fully set up can be great in my testing.

Two WNP seems weaker to me, as it's a card you need to see before you're set up. Seems like the Deja Vu you save not having to install Corroder will go towards that instead.

Three DDoS seems a bit overkill. A lot of times it can rot in your hand, and seeing multiples is always awkward. Two has done wonderfully for me.