Syncrotron (2nd Place Australian Nationals 2016)

DonutTaganes 2504

This build took me to second at Australian Nationals 2016.

Many of the card choices are discussed on Episode 99 of The Winning Agenda:

Some key things to note:

Quantum Predictive Model is very important as Medium protection, and as an Exchange of Information target to get you to 7.

It's important to try and score one of AstroScript Pilot Program or Project Beale at some point, otherwise it's hard to win with a single exchange. It's also not great to have to Exchange of Information for either of them, so getting them into your score area reduces the chance of your opponent getting to game point without a GFI.

You can double Scorched Earth people if they pass the turn tagged and you have a Jackson Howard on the board with Consulting Visit and Scorched Earth in hand.

It's very important to keep the threat of Hard-Hitting News up early, so you have to balance scoring your agendas early (which you need to to to make 24/7 News Cycle a live threat); developing your board (which you have to do to make 24/7 Into Closed Accounts a more impactful play), and staying high enough on money to be able to successfully trace them (or at least threaten to if they are too aggressive in developing their board and running centrals).

Happy to answer questions below!

19 Sep 2016

How often did you use Consulting Visit during the tournament?

20 Sep 2016 firesa

nice, was really looking forward to seeing this list as sync kill was something I was considering if I had not gone with my corp deck, and just felt I could not get my head around how to build it properly (in part due to a lack of examples online). Did the swordsman do work? With two closed accounts, no temptation to find room for a single midseasons? Anyway looks good, and grats on your performance :D

20 Sep 2016 DonutTaganes

@firesa Thanks :) The Swordsman was definitely useful. It can be harder to set up due to the smaller number of ETR ICE, but it's fine in front of Resistor on R&D (the most common place for it). Even if they kill the ICE behind, the fact that you have probably killed a Faust makes it worthwhile, and even if you haven't, the tax of 1 net damage is enough to dissuade repeated Medium runs.

Regarding Midseason Replacements, it's definitely one to consider. It means you can land tags past Networking, but it is also really expensive and much more situational than HHN. The good thing about HHN is that it's live on all turns of the game as long as they are pressuring you, whereas Midseason is a lot less consistent.

It's definitely worth trying though!

20 Sep 2016 Pilgrim

Awesome Sync deck @DonutTaganes. How's the one off prisec? I woulda thought Keagan would be good in that space, I have found him good Cs mopus. I like the HHN and other tagging options with rich runners making Midseasons harder.

20 Sep 2016 SneakdoorMelb

Close to what I've been playing but putting in 24/7 is frigging amazing. Never would have thought of it and opens up a lot of options. Did the Consulting Visit play pay off or would it have been better as more SanSans or an Archived Memories?