[Cache Refresh] DIAF (SOCR3 2nd)

PureFlight 1067

I made it to 2nd place in the 3rd Stimhack Online Cache Refresh Tournament, aka SOCR3. This deck went 4-2 throughout the tournament, being undefeated until the finals match.

That feeling when you hit the game winning Obo with 3 cards in hand... 738075.gif

Despite pulling out a few wins based on luck, I do think this deck presents the runner with several threats that are hard to counter. The draw from Illegal Arms really puts a lot of speed into a deck that would otherwise durdle about trying to make a scoring remote.

SOCR3 used the Revised Core and MWL 2.0. Hence only 2 Snares.

Changes I would make:

  • Reconsider the econ package vs the ice suite. if they don't let the asset econ stick, it's really hard to rez much ice.
  • Whampoa Reclamation is neat but I think i'd rather have another Stock Buy-Back
  • it's really difficult to get Synth DNA to do anything. It doesn't work well with Kakugo because they can bounce, trash SDNA, and then run again.

I streamed all my games on my channel.

Round 1 vs Ghost Meat's Adam

Adam was hamstrung by his limited hand size. At one point he drew the Brain Chip, but didn't install it. Meanwhile, i built up a few agendas in unchecked remotes, most notably a Show of Force. I NA-scored a HoK to clear an Employee Strike, then pinged the Brain Chip out of his hand with a Knives counter. I then got the kill by scoring an Obo and the SoF in the same turn for 4 damage. Win - Flatline

Round 2

Schedules didn't line up for my opponent and I, and he ended up conceding the games to me.

Round 3 vs ryanbantwins' ProCo Smoke

I started forcing runs on my scoring remote by scoring out an Obo. I also pushed out a Show of Force to mill another 3 cards. He burned through 8 cards stealing an Obokata once (Kakugo/Musashi). Ultimately my 54 cards outlasted his 40, and I milled him into conceding. Win - Concession

Round 4 vs thebigunit3000's Adam

He steadily controlled my board with a Scrubber while gaining Aumakua counters. Eventually I threw a Musashi with a Snare into my scoring remote, which was just a single Data Loop. He bit, bringing him down to 1 card. Next turn I jammed the Obo. In order to steal it, he'd need 7 cards, so this was definitely a scoring window of cards in hand. Win - Score Out

Semifinals vs x3r0hour's Steve

He got off to an early lead with an Inside Job into an IA'd Show of Force and an HQ Obokata score from Sneakdoor. I was taxing his credits with HoK counters via Caldera. I jammed a Philotic into my remote. The following turn he hit a Kusanagi on R&D, bringing him to 4 agendas, 5, and 3 cards in hand. Philotic score did 5 net, and he could only prevent 1. Win - Flatline

Finals, Game 1 vs Internet's Kit

A few big things went in @internet's favor this game: he trashed my asset econ and he never let himself get low on cards in hand. This meant it was really hard to get out my fav Mushin Obokata + Data Loop combo. I lost a ton of tempo clicking for creds, too. On top of that, it was a terrible matchup as he had MOpus and Feedback Filter. I did pull off some tricky moves, but he was able to recover from anything I threw at him. I grinded him down to 6 HP left before he found the winning agenda. Loss

Finals, Game 3 vs Internet's Kit

The needed luck was not in my favor this game, with the only saving grace that I burned through half his deck before FBF showed up. I rushed out some 1 pointers, but he found an early Obo that really put the pressure on. I was willing to trash all my asset economy, even behind Kakugos and things. Turns out MOpus is really good in this format. Anyways, he made much quicker work of me this game. Loss