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Mark.Knights 28

Been dying to make a Reina deck for a long time - have played a few iterations now and it is getting close to what I want.

6 Oct 2016 Corbec

Really?! No Faust and just AI breakers? Adjusted chronotipe and Starlight Crusade Funding just for landing shits like Singularity and Game Day with a max hand of 5?? I'm sorry but Crypsis is dead unless you want a virus breaker for some reason. What's your plan? Sitting and wait until an infiltration shows u an agenda? Why Reina? Why not Quetzal: Free Spirit? What's your plan against Wraparound? Knight? And Swordsman or Turing?

I spend a lot of time playing Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter and my last idea is some kind of Reg-ass with D4v1d, Aghora and Xanadu as solution for big ices. Adding Crescentus, Hernando Cortez and Muertos Gang Member as a way to deny economy.

Good luck and forget Bishop

4 Nov 2016 killj0y

I see some trips in your thinking here. Start with Queen's gambit because +Reinatheme. Oh it's a double, ok add lucky find also a double still ok. Man if i'm going to have all these doubles I'll just add Starlight to deal with the extra click costs //error//.

Starlight is a bad card. You're adding starlight to make 6 other cards better, then adding 3 more cards to make the 3 starlights you added better. You're throwing good card slots after bad.

This starts to break down when you look at the other doubles you added, Game day without some kind of hand size increase is not worthwhile use of 6 influence.

And because you spent 11 slots on doubles and another 6 on support cards to make the doubles function you dropped 2x sure gambles which are otherwise great cards. Add to that you've spent so much influence already that you can't add Power Nap which is the obvious play if you're already getting a lot of econ from doubles. (note: don't add power nap)

Event econ is not bad and having same old things around to recurr them isn't bad either. Algo Trading however is also a bad card. You're spending 3 influence on a card that is too slow to get back your investment when you could use Kati Jones for no influence and a better result.

Some other weak spots. No multi-access No Damage prevention (I've Had Worse?) Not enough Run events (Demolition Run Retrieval Run Run Amok )

As noted above the breaker suite lacks variance. If you free up some influence you can drop in some more interesting breakers or just use the better anarch ones.

9 Nov 2016 Mark.Knights

OK. First and foremost I am going to say that I have defended this game for a long time saying that I have never come across people that are negative and vitriolic about it and telling others that they are wrong. Well done Corbec and killj0y for being the first to make me realise what the others were talking about.

Corbec, this deck is a themed deck I made to have fun in the game. Possibly something you have never done. The only thing I have to agree with here is that Bishop is a waste of space. killj0y, I can see that you are trying to be constructive to a point and I appreciate that. This deck is an experiment in alternate currencies and is actually one of the highest economy decks I currently have. I always end up with over 40 coins and it is largely due to Algo Trading and the double elimination power of Star Crusade.

The "trips" you talk about me making were not like that at all. I work on a holistic basis and all cards were chosen thematically and around the idea of alternate economy. I must admit that the Bishop has to go and that I need to work some standard icebreakers back in. The Knight's are staying but Crypsis may have to go without the Bishop support.

To both of you I hope that you both (as you obviously know the game) can work on communicating in a more positive manner about decks. Help people, do not belittle them for the choices they make.