Mega Mutants

patty3123 39

Milligan for cheap small ice like Quandary and Howler and set up a remote with Eliza's Toybox to start rezzing your big ice. The runner will immediately run this server and trash the toy box. They have to because you're drawing more copies of Janus 1.0 and Heimdall 2.0 every time you Rez one. The key here is to Rez as many little Quandary and Howler as you can. Rezzing these little ice allow you to clear your deck of other copies because of The Foundry: Refining the Process. Any rezzed small ice can be great targets for Mutate. Turn your Quandary into a rezzed Janus 1.0 for 2 credits, and with your deck clear of small ice, you're highly likely of hitting something good on the Mutate. High hit rate for Accelerated Beta Test, and if you want to do it again, score the Bifrost Array.

28 Oct 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Heritage Committee makes Mutate + Foundry sing. You might look at going up to 6x cards to meet the alliance requirement.

28 Oct 2016 killj0y

Only problem I can see is that by using the foundry ability so often you're burning through your deck at a semi-accelerated rate, your opponent is likely to see this also and start doing R&D digs as fast as they can.

One possible fun time might be to drop an archer or whirlpool and replace with Shock! or Snare!. Makes for the most interesting faces when someone gets that far down the rabbit hole and finds a flatline at the bottom instead of a Priority Requisition.

29 Oct 2016 EnderA

May I suggest Bioroid Efficiency Research? Turn big ice into cheap ice!

Just be careful, because triggering Foundry on temporary rez's for big ice will thin your deck of big ice.

29 Oct 2016 Snake Eyes

Ho Ho Ho! Whirlpool into Howler is wonderful jank.

If you had influence space, Architect could be nice as a means of scouting the top 5 of your RnD for good Mutate targets.

Decent agenda suite for never advance.