Please Sir, I Want Card Four. (4-0 / 1st Place GNK)

CodeMarvelous 20001

The question you ask a tired corp that just wanted to play run punishment:

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Since the Flashpoint Cycle it has been hard times for Chaos Theory. The financial collapse led her to the streets and a life of crime.


The creation and core of this deck belongs to @daine aka Daine Stevens from the Chicago meta. It is an absolute beast and a great counter to a lot of popular corps. I made edits to the original shell.

Everyone is trying to punish you for running, so only run when you can score, and only score when you can enhance the agendas.

The critical interaction of this deck is the Artful Dodger's Top Hat, Fagin's criminal Insight, and the Freedom that comes from living on the streets.

Everything else is just cantrips and magic tricks to dazzle and confuse your marks.


2x Comet powers the event engine. The most important part here is the click compression. Key interactions include Insight which you can then Comet into Mad Dash or "Freedom Through Equality" if you see an agenda or a money card if you don't.

Beyond that, I cannot possibly list all the favorable combos that exist in this deck for Comet. They are many and are sure to amaze.

2x Top Hat makes Insight an incredible card that acts as an Indexing where you don't have to spend money or a RUN. It means that you only have to open yourself up to Hard Hitting News if you know you are getting an agenda out of the deal.

It also makes generic multiple runs much better on R&D.


2x Engolo and 2x Laamb just shreds everything and acts as your Sentry breaker and your AI breaker. Also, you are so rich in this deck that the cost to use their ice changing abilities is negligible.

This is especially poignant with so many decks giving you delicious bad publicity to use against them. Since you run less, the weakness of the martial arts breakers is largely mitigated. In most games, once I was set up, people didn't even feel like rezzing ice.


One significant edit that I made was that I cut Femme Fatale which was the original way of dealing with Miraju and replaced it with Escher. I used the Femme influence to add 1x No One Home, which just outright counters a lot of deck's tagging plan. With the amount of money I am usually sitting on, they have to pay enough to beat me on the HHN trace and then again on No One Home.

It is also effective against surprise net damage from Viral Weaponization or an Anansi.

It also deals with SIU and Sea Source which was another weakness of the original deck.

1x Same Old Thing is just for emergencies

1x Beth Kilrain-Chang is because if I get her down at any point she is gonna provide value. I don't run often so the corp's resources are often high. That makes Beth good.

In general my goal was to keep resources low and not mandatory to reduce the effect of the ubiquitous Scarcity of Resources.


2x "Freedom Through Equality" is a great way to punish people for playing GFI, Sportsmetal tiny agendas, or just being a corp. It combos with Insight and helps you close the game in 2-3 scores instead of 4-5.

The power of this deck lies in being able to win the game in 2 runs ideally, giving the corp only the narrowest opportunity to use run punishment.

3x Build Script is our primary cantrip. Play it, draw other events, chain them together with Comet, feel great about your new life on the streets. I will mention here that all the zero cost money cards helps you recover if you DO get tagged early.

3x Deuces Wild gets you more cards, money, and clears incidental tags. It is your second cantrip.

3x Diesel is a your mana, use it to find your spells and play them for no additional clicks.

1x Escher is a powerful cantrip that deals with Surveyor by moving them off the remote and dispels the Mirajus and illusions of the corp.

6x Exclusive Party are your marks, the longer the show goes on, the more they are dazzled and ripe to have their credits taken off them.

1x Infiltration is to keep you from being conned by the corp into running an NGO or a Mushined trap. Feels great when you use Comet to trigger Mad Dash after confirming the agenda. Keeps you from running and allowing the corp to play HHN.

2x Insight is the real sauce, once Top Hat is down, the corp can't hide the agenda from you. They can make it card four, but you have the tools to get to it anyway. Insight keeps you safe from HHN by saving you the run if there are no agendas to steal.

2x Levy AR Lab Access is to recycle your deck. This deck is fast and draw heavy. You will pitch extra breakers and other cards the first pass through!

1x Mad Dash is the second conjured point that lets Insight and Top Hat turn a 5/3 into a 5/5 agenda. 3/2 in to 3/4 is also good.

2x Process Automation is a fine cantrip that helps you make the money and draw the cards.

3x Sure Gamble is a great card.

I love this deck and it has no easy counters that are popular right now, enjoy!

  • CodeMarvelous

To my friends and their beloved corps, here is your wallet.

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6 Aug 2018 Grimwalker

Just based on descriptions from you and Daine, what I came up with turned out to be nearly Identical.

-2 "Freedom Through Equality", -1 Infiltration, -1 No One Home

+1 Ika, +1 Interdiction, +1 Stimhack, +1 Symmetrical Visage

Smoke instead of CT because my rig is only 5 MU and a recurring credit is better than nothing.

6 Aug 2018 stair

A friend mentioned this deck to me because it's almost an identical copy of Dapper Wünderkind. Anyways, congrats on the GNK win and glad to see more Chaos Theory!

6 Aug 2018 Saan

Hm, @Grimwalker has a great point about using Smoke instead, so long as you're only using Laamb and Engolo as a breaker. Are there any times where you might end up installing an additional copy of a breaker once you have Comet down (thus making Chaos Theory have a text box), or is Smoke a strictly better ID for this because of the 1 credit for your breakers every once in a while?

6 Aug 2018 lostgeek

With News Hound and Surveyor around, the corp can lock you out with three stacked sentries on R&D. For that case you probably want the third breaker and use Escher once you can't get in anymore, since they can't stack four run ending sentries on both R&D and HQ.

I guess that's why @Grimwalker added Ika as an emergency sentry breaker.

6 Aug 2018 CodeMarvelous

I usually end up with all three breakers down.

9 Aug 2018 Vortilion

Do I understand correctly, you're just using this ID to be able to have three breakers out? I played some games with it now, but i never had to use more than 2 breakers, so I'm not sure if this ID is really necessary here...

10 Aug 2018 OrionJA

Why not Ayla?

11 Aug 2018 HiddenAway

With any other Shaper runner (except Smoke), you'll only be able to install 2 breakers. At least with CT, you have the option of installing 3 if your opponent stacks a triple sentry server, given that you cannot break sentries the normal way. You also have the 40 card limit so it's easier to run through the deck.

11 Aug 2018 BlackCherries

Congrats, you got Mad Dash restricted~


11 Aug 2018 JamesWinters

No Oracle?

11 Aug 2018 I_AM_G:\ROOT

@winterspring - I have been playing various comet builds for months now. With enough draw (like this list) you really don’t need the oracle.

@CodeMarvelous- now that clone chip is off the list 1 or 2 copies? Have you also considered 1 copy of misdirection to deal with annoying Argus matchups?

14 Aug 2018 Myriad

I don't see much use for clone chip in this shell. It would really need smc and maybe stimhack to be worth the effort imho.

14 Aug 2018 GunSlingerFire

@Mr_Console I used Misdirection to great effect at a regional over this past weekend but it's definitely a YMMV situation. I saw a lot of ACME but no Argus.

17 Aug 2018 Vortilion

For the new mwl i switched the Mad Dash with a third "Freedom Through Equality".