Still Too Much Tempo

j4 69

After a dozen Jinteki games and 3-0 at Ogólnopolska Liga Netrunnera, PD rush doesn't feel much marred by the VLC ban. Admittedly now you have to bait the runner into a bad run once in a while, but the deck's raw power is still enormous and it largely plays itself.

Also try out -1/2 Sprint +1/2 Manegarm Skunkworks

28 Apr 2021 apo

Warning - do not double Botulus FC3 against this deck. I tried this at home and failed.

28 Apr 2021 ilksvorbern

Loving the idea of using NEXT to make it even harder to get in so that you're ready for a seamless score. How have you found it?

28 Apr 2021 j4

@ilksvorbern I find the NEXTs invaluable, at worst they're a decent speedbump forcing 4 tax on a double iced server and make the Fairchild non-porous. They grow in strength with more ice, Border Control, and awkward pumps. At best they're a silver bullet against Boomerang and especially Botulus which is ubiquitous right now. The added bonus of bolstering centrals on scoring turns is also nice.

30 Apr 2021 rapanui

@j4 Yeah, I've come to the same conclusion. I don't know if Offworld Office or Seamless Launch is a bigger problem, but I'm starting to suspect it's the agenda. You get to score 2 points and set up your econ before the runner can contest which effectively makes it so that you're playing to score 5 while they're playing to score 7. Then again, I suspect having to play -3 OO for +2x Vitruvius/+1x Sandbox would still not dent the win % very much...