Esâ Me, Begemot (6th in GLC CO)

Dr Bees 36

My version of an event Esa build that I went 5-2 with in GLC's online Startup CO. Mulligan for Ghosttongue and start face-checking! Apologies that I couldn't come up with a better Esa-related pun.

Win conditions:

  • Chastushka - play opportunistically, or hold them up your sleeve for later - it's incredibly satisfying to play more than one of these in a single turn when Begemot can get you into HQ on the cheap.

  • Remote lock - the rig is surprisingly efficient once it's set up, and you can transition from a sabotage game to a remote lock game once the corp panic-ices centrals.

I settled on this breaker suite after a lot of testing - Bukhgalter is a great use of influence, and Begemot/Leech/Buzzsaw can deal with most ice in the mid/late game. I opted to include two copies of most programmes instead of cheating them out of the heap with Retrieval Run; it's difficult to find them quickly enough with only single copies of each.

Recursion: Retrieval Run, Buffer Drive and Harmony AR Therapy provide enough of a safety net that you can afford to lose a couple of programmes to trashing and core damage.

Trickster Taka is the weakest card in the deck. I would have swapped this for a Liberated Account, Earthrise Hotel or an Ice Carver for more reliable value.

Overall, it was very fun to pilot but not as consistent as I would have liked. It definitely taught me to play better Netrunner in finding creative solutions to things - a few of the wins came from losing all my programmes to a sentry breaker en route to stealing the final agenda. If that's your definition of fun, give this deck a shot!

28 Oct 2022 Tolaasin

You can't have enough bees. Well done on making 7th!

28 Oct 2022 amargo.retruco

Congrats on making 7th! What's the thought behind Fermenter over Daily Casts?

28 Oct 2022 amargo.retruco

*6th, also I'm running 2x Carmen instead of the Bukh, how much better do you think Bukh is??

28 Oct 2022 Satoshi

Maybe you have enough events to play Mystic Maemi instead of Trickster Taka?

29 Oct 2022 Dr Bees

@amargo.retruco not something I gave much thought to, actually! I'm sometimes thankful to have Fermenter to sac against SDS decks for sure, and I think you can get more credit value out of them anyway in the long run. I definitely prefer Bukh to Carmen as it's a lot more efficient to run, and there's enough recursion in the deck that I was comfortable getting away with one copy.

@render787 that would be a better shout for sure :)

30 Oct 2022 kevintame

This is a very interesting deck and I’m excited to give this a try.