Spark of Femme

LeviPurple 76

So obviously I am building a femme list. This is the latest incarnation of said design.

Cutting back to only Femme Fatal as my only Prrogram allows for Spark of Inspiration to shine.

Going more heavily into Prepaid and my econ being basically just events is a solid econ choice.

My previous list had a 50/50 against standard lists. Playing on Jinteki sadly has no option to play NSG/Neo has meant I play against some silly lists/cards that don't exist in NSG. But the flow of the list is still solid.

12 May 2023 Diogene

Janky deck, I like it.

I'm not going to ask why Femme Fatale. It is the theme and it is fine.

So thoughts.

  1. Have considered using Security Nexus instead of Inside Job? If you use Rejig, you could even set it up for free by swapping a Femme Fatale with it. You could also have Cybertrooper Talut to then have 3 links.
  2. I think you could put some influence for Mystic Maemi, since you have a event based deck.
  3. Paricia, instead of Overclock, would probably help you more for trashing stuff.
  4. Simulchip, to move Femme Fatale, is way too expensive (6+number of subs , so between 7 and 9).

I like the idea of building around Femme Fatale. Yes, Anansi will be the bane of this, but we don't care.

Thanks for sharing!

12 May 2023 moochi

@Diogene seems like this deck is meant for the NEO / NSG Only format.

13 May 2023 Diogene

Oh, I misunderstood. @moochi thanks for pointing it out. So please disregard my comments @LeviPurple.

However, could you provide a link to NSG/Neo, I am interested in learning what it is.


29 Aug 2023 gammanet

@Diogene its a format of just NSG cards. idk if people have agreed on a banlist yet for a while it varied slightly meta to meta