Boomerang Hoshiko, 21st Worlds 2021

5N00P1 798

This deck was bringing me to 21th at Worlds 2021 together with my 13 inf Asa and was performing better then expected.

Way to Worlds

I was thinking what to play and decided for Hoshiko as I was playing her a lot in this year and thought it's the deck I can perform the best.

The Deck

This deck has some good economy and standing power for longer games and of course Hippo to clean some servers. My main concern was the Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design matchup, which is quite fast. Boomerang is an answer to that (kind of), as long as they don't know you are on it, as it usually means they will stack 2 ICE as against crim, otherwise you can often, install Boomerang, Run and have 2 clicks spare for Manegarm Skunkworks. So this strategy folds to open Deck lists.
This deck struggels if it can't get Keiko & another companion down early (in most cases Paladin Poemu). I was trying Fencer Fueno, but have to say, he is often to awkward, when you are not able to spend the money, that is why I went to Trickster Taka instead. I was playing some Mystic Maemi but often you find your 1x to late that it really provides value. 2x StarGate so you are able to find one early if you need, but to often I had two in my hand and discarded one.


This deck performed quite well, but was also lucky. I was able to beat 2 Palanas, 1 CTM and one PD. While losing to an Azmari and another PD.


Based on the current Meta, I can imagine a Misdirection could be a good include for matchups like CtM or Gagarin. Also Fencer Fueno could be of some help.

27 Nov 2021 mrteatime66

Well done!!!! :D

28 Nov 2021 5N00P1

Thank you Craig!!!!!