Clone chip heap noise (2nd at Malmö regionals 2017)

Bridgeman 2321

At the time this tournament was played I dont see a better strategy for noise, this build was aimed at setting up quickly and applying pressure early, while maintaining pressure over the course of the game, usually finishing the game by doing huge R&D digs after weakening R&D defenses with parasites. Ideally you would like a scenario where you have both mediums in play to finish the game off.

Use the regular aesop + cache + deja vu for milling and gaining money, cyberfeeder and grimoire help with this. Daily casts works well with aesop.

Dirty laundry is a great card for either forcing jacksons out of the corp after a few mills if archives is left unprotected, and also helps you pump up any datasuckers you might have, and still gaining money while doing so, keeping speed up.

There was only influence for two parasites because I wanted to make room for the two clone chips and I think that was a great decision. Having the ability to parasite ice mid run is just extremely good, and the fact that it also can be used to pop a medium from the heap before accessing is amazing, especially as you dont have to make the decision until you have already reached R&D. Deja vu makes up for the fact that fewer parasites are played if it turns out you need more of them.

Street peddler is just great, helps get breakers into the heap, sometimes get´s rid of dead draws like second aesops or grimoire, and speeds up your setup. Not to mention that the peddler can turn into a clone chip on steroids if you hit the right virus at the right time.

A small but nice perk is the instant speed milling that you can accomplish with street peddler. This can be used if your opponent is trying to do some CI combo shenanigans. You can make it harder to achieve the combo by forcing additional jacksons to be used.

Also you can delay installing cards until you check R&D and then mill at the right time to get rid of cards that annoy you.

I had a lot of fun with Noise, sad to see him go, though I understand the decision.