Melter Mercer ES

Henader 51

Mercury deck that I took to Worlds. It did pretty well on Saturday.

It's a 46 card deck, I will hone it further with experience from the tournament.

General gameplan: Mulligan for Hermes, set up calmly and then unleash the deep runs on RnD/HQ. Always Have a Backup Plan is fun to beat the Anoetic Void/Border Control. Reprise was definitively pulling its weight, usually with a bounce of already rezzed ICE. I recommend not to telegraph the Archives pressure too soon. Divide and Conquer runs with Nyashia are great! DJ Fenris was inviting Quetzal for a party - good and cheap pressure on barriers.

This deck can be problematic if you cannot find agendas for a long time because in later parts of the game bypass toys can simply run out. Pain point is also on removing tags.

Having said that, some remarks from the tournament.

Cards that performed superbly:

  • Hermes
  • Divide And Conquer
  • Nyashia
  • Reprise

Cards that performed well:

  • Laser Pointer
  • S-dobrado
  • Always Have a Backup Plan

Cards that underperformed:

  • Banner - it is quite cool icemelter, but I've seen a bit too many Bran 1.0's. I still think it has place in this deck, but my matchups were unfavorable
  • Career Fair - I will most likely drop to 2x. It's a nice card, but I notoriously found it in the wrong times.

I will continue to evolve this deck, drop it to 45 cards. Current idea: -1 Boomerang, -1 Career Fair, +1 Networking

Still - it's a fun one,