Jeeves Brothers' Architectural Firm - 2nd at Philly SC

saetzero 2492

I did not test even a single game with this before the Store Champ. I just went for it. Glad I did.

This deck is actually really fun. And I think it has potential for reals. Jeeves combo stuff in AoT feels real good. You wanna kill Jeeves? Run him please, through the bioroid protecting him, and GIVE ME DA VALUE.

To those unaware of how this works.

Jeeves Rezzed gives you 3 main lines you use in this deck...

1: Subliminal, Install a 3/2, Shipment from SanSan, (gain jeeves click), Advance a 3rd time and score. (Scores a 3/2 from hand for 0 dollars)

2: Biotic, Install Sales Team or Vitruvius, Advance 3 times, (gain jeeves click), advance a 4th time and score. (8 dollar Sales team from hand, or Vitruvius with a counter. That counter is gold. Lets you Biotic or Shipment again later.)

3: Install a GFI on the board naked. Don't touch it. -> Next turn, Biotic, Advance 3 times, (gain jeeves click), Advance 2 more times and score. (That's how you score the GFI. You can also use 2 Biotics to avoid leaving it on the board for a turn.)

Go have fun. Heimdall is the best.

At the store champ, I played vs...

Andromeda - Loss (variance played a very notable part of that one though) Geist (Twice) - 2 wins. Whizzard (Twice) - 2 wins. Funny note that both wins were them conceding that they couldn't do anything. That felt nice. Take that Whizzboy! :P Kate (DDOS Hyperdriver combo) - Loss (didn't find a single ABT to shut that deck down. Got to 6 points. D: )

So a 4-2 record with this, and my runner (Peregrine Kit) did the same. Both totally untested. It was a good day. :)

5 Dec 2016 Leviathan

Not trying to be pedantic, but the 1st scoring strategy should be Install a 3/2, subliminal, Shipment. Playing the subliminal first then installing would break the 3 consecutive click requirement for Jeeves.

Just throwing that out there in case anyone who hasn't done this sort of thing is taking note. ;)

All that aside, this deck looks FUN! I've been toying with AoT as pure glacier, but I really like Jeeves in this list and I plan on giving it a run at my FLGS this week. Good work!

5 Dec 2016 CactusJack

@saetzeroLogged in just to like your deck. I have a friend who made something similar with Stronger Together - and I like the way his works. I'm going to take your deck out for a try at my next meet up this week (maybe even tournament too!).

5 Dec 2016 Quarg

@LeviathanThe three clicks don't need to be consecutive to trigger Jeeves.

5 Dec 2016 BizTheDad

@LeviathanYou don't need to spend three consecutive clicks. You simply need to spend three clicks on the same action.

I feel like I should go back to this deck. I used to run something very similar and it was really strong. I always walk away from it yet it always pulls me back.

5 Dec 2016 rwknoll

I had made a very similar version of this deck but struggled to make it work. I'm glad to hear it worked for you on the day, but I know I have felt like it ran slow without good draws.

Having Biotic Labor probably helps make up for the issues I had with my last deck. However, a few things might still be relevant. Do you have enough card draw? If you're going Jeeves, you might want to consider Blue Level Clearance and Green Level Clearance and/or Lateral Growth. BLC + Lateral is particularly nice with Jeeves, because it compresses your clicks, gives draw, and still gives an install. (Works better in ETF due to the credit gain from install, but still solid in AoT.)

The other advantage of using operation-based economy is that you can recover faster from Account Siphon, takes away targets for Whizzard, and better protects agendas in your hand from someone who makes consecutive HQ runs. Nothing is more annoying than running HQ twice on a 4-card hand and seeing Biotic Labor and BLC.

I would suggest considering BLC instead of Launch Campaign, and keep Adonis in. You can use ~2 remotes in most games, one for the multi-iced Jeeves server and one single-iced for Adonis/Jackson.

5 Dec 2016 Leviathan

@BizTheDad @Quarg

Holy shit... I've been doing it wrong this whole time! LOL Thanks for the education, guys! :)

5 Dec 2016 saetzero

@rwknollI am actually a giant fan of BLC. Its in almost every HB deck I make. But I was playing to get triggers from AoT in this deck. Economy I can put in a remote, even just behind FC1, means if they stop it, I get potentially 4 dollars of value in ice. And with planning, you can always duck a siphon. I am never above 10 dollars, and I always have a ice unrezzed to burn money into. Either on the outside, to just drain my money for them, or elsewhere to burn money into with the ability. I can tell you I was at like 4-6 dollars when like 3 siphons came my way... and Heimdall 1 with the AoT ability as they clicked a FC3 to siphon me meant I avoided siphons all day.

Since there are no defensive upgrades, I opted for more installable non-agenda shit to both bait runs, and because it was more dollar per card to run assets.

You can probably do assets, but it doesnt line up with how i played the list.

5 Dec 2016 thrazznos

I have been building many AoT Decks and Jeeves has been the strongest scoring plan by far.

5 Dec 2016 Myriad

Seems good, especially since both Manta Grid and the unique Fairchild play very nicely into this deck.

Is the architect x1 necessary? Or did you just have the extra influence?

5 Dec 2016 saetzero


Architect is amazing. Gets so much rolling on faceplant, and i had 1 influence spare. Very little reason to not include it as a 1x. I would say 2x is the sweet spot if you wanna make that happen. I choose to keep 3x eli instead.

6 Dec 2016 Myriad

I agree. The influence hit is pretty real though.

I doubt dropping a Jackson is the right call, which means you either go down 1 eli or go down 1 San San, which you might be able to manage?

6 Dec 2016 saetzero

No, you want to have Shipment when the chance arrives. Thats a mando 3x I think.

6 Dec 2016 vor_lord

This looks very streamlined--I can't even find room for a Lotus Field which has been making anarchs sad forever. What's your main target for Best Defense?

6 Dec 2016 robotmascot

Can confirm, this deck is brutal! I was overall pretty happy bringing Geist, then I ran into this in the cut...

6 Dec 2016 Krasty

I think Lateral Growth makes here a lot of sense... with Shipment from SanSan just another fast advance engine!

7 Dec 2016 saetzero

@vor_lord NRE, SMC, Same old thing in a Levy or Siphon list (or vs something with cutlery), Peddler if they just have it there. Just kinda anything they have around. If you expect Siphon spam, aim for a Breaker so they get hit hard. Avoid the Clippy of course XD

@Krasty Lateral is a choice, but you got slots to work with. I choose Subliminal so finding only 1 is all I need all game. Lateral you need to run as a 3x (another slot) but its a good card. If you can find a slot for it, its not a bad idea. Since you dont get the extra Cred like ETF does, I didnt really favor it. Very easily a style choice though. :)

7 Dec 2016 Simone Suka

And if they run clot?

7 Dec 2016 Leviathan

@Simone Suka if you have Jeeves out you purge, give them a smile, then do something else with that tasty Jeeves click.

7 Dec 2016 Leviathan

@Simone Suka Then again if you mean what if they sneak attack with a clot (off an SMC or Clone Chip) then I suppose using the Jeeves click to install a piece of ICE in front of the card (assuming you don't already have a scoring remote for your agendas) would be the way to go.

7 Dec 2016 saetzero

@Simone SukaI made a meta call that i wouldnt see Clot. I would run a CVS if i expected it. But i suppose in the list as is, they would clot after my Shipment. in which case I would use my last click to ice the agenda and get a AoT trigger from it

Jeeves purge it next turn

You can also play around clot with Biotic, by install > biotic > advance once, then shipment to score if they dont get it on the first advance.

12 Dec 2016 poysama

Ran into a very similiar deck but with Clone Suffrage Movement and Lakshmi Smartfabrics. I was annoyed the hell out of Lakshmi Smartfabrics. This deck is also fair matchup for Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net

12 Dec 2016 Legitamte

Nice list. Do you think the new Fairchild has a place in it?

1 Jan 2017 buzard

WOW! This is my new go to deck. What do you do when you don't want to show this to anyone? Any tips on best ice layout? How deep of what to shield Jeeves? Ravana>architect>grab from archives, brilliant! Then pop Jackson to add back to R&D if needed. Do you ever get to use Best Defense as Ichi is your only tagger?

2 Jan 2017 saetzero

@Legitamte sure! i love the new fairchild! change a heimdall into it!

@buzardshow this to anyone? dont get what you mean. rephrase!

best ice layout? im idealing protecting 2 ice for jeeves, 2 ice for RD, and something fairly taxing but alone on HQ with a fc1 on archives. if you wanna jam agendas in a real remote, double ice that too. I think 2 ice is a sweet spot, so as many servers as you need, 2 ice! late game add more ice to your scoring remote and RD

best defense is to snipe net ready eyes, SMC, and same old things in siphon lists. better still if they float tags. its a narrow answer to more things than you think. I have no intention of tagging with ichi though. If you want that synergy, change something for sherlock 2.0 :)

26 Jan 2017 the.jxc

No room for Brain Taping Warehouse (and slightly bigger ice)?