Red Planet Curryhouse (Fastest Food in the Northwest)

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space delivery doge

Thanks to knails who sent me this list last month - it's been a fixture in my casual play since then and I've had a lot of fun with it. The idea is to solve the Weyland problem of not being able to close out the game while leaning into the ID ability using advanceable ice and Red Planet Couriers. It's been through a few changes since then, mainly:

  • Cutting Anson Rose - landing a Colossus or Mausolus with a pile of Anson counters is amazing but a better card came out ...

  • Adding Priority Construction - getting a free Wormhole or supercharged Mausolus/Hortum for a credit and 2 clicks is #value town.

  • Going down to 1 Wormhole, because while a 7 strength code gate is good, a blank piece of ice isn't.

  • Adding a Changeling, to try and cause Mongoose and MK Ultra based runners problems, but mostly to have another hard end the run.

  • Swapping out Mass Commercialisation for Beanstalk Royalties because I couldn't find MassComm when building my deck 2 minutes before registration closed ...

The basic game plan is:

  • Rush your way to 4 points (ideally with an Atlas counter)

  • Turtle up and protect your centrals.

  • Start your turn with 9 credits, 5 advancement counters on the board and Biotic Labour, Red Planet Couriers and Global Food Initiative in hand (or an Atlas counter to fetch one of those pieces).

  • Play Biotic Labour, install your Food, and Red Planet Couriers your way to victory.

At Nationals this went 4-3 over 7 rounds, beating 2 AI based shapers thanks to a Priority Construction-d Hortum on the remote, an Andy and a Whiz :rip:

Losses were to Leela and Business Turtle Maxx with ice destruction (both extremely bad matchups for an ice-based shenanigans deck) and a reg Whizz (which should be an OK matchup but was piloted by current World Champion Chris Dyer so ... )

Thanks to rotage and johno for lending me the cards to build this at the last minute and enabling me to join Team Weyland, and to my opponents Martin, Ian, Tom, Chris, Sebastian, Ollie and John (although I am disappointed that Chris thought I was daft enough to bring a Government Takeover deck to Nationals).

18 Sep 2017 Cliquil

"Daft enough to bring Government Takeover" should read "AWESOME ENOUGH" thank you - as Conrad of 2016 will tell you! :D

18 Sep 2017 Sanjay

Of note:

Beanstalk Royalties is identical to Mass Commercialization as long as you have one and a half cards advanced.

18 Sep 2017 MMtheBLM

Cheers for the games, always happy to split r1! Made a couple of very key errors that allowed you to outplay me to the win :) i've got to get on TeamWeyland...

18 Sep 2017 SeeHearType

I visited the Red Planet Curry House Liverpool branch with my pet turtle we waited 70 minutes for our order, relatively simple - a lamb bhuna, a magaz curry, rice and a peshwari naan. Instead we got bad puns, a rude prepaid Kate deck that refused to lose Psi games and a lot of laughter. While the service was impeccable the whole restaurant seemed like one giant ruse and we never got our food.

3 Doge emoji /10 Very Rude, would visit again but not for food.

18 Sep 2017 emilyspine

@CliquilI'M SORRY <3

18 Sep 2017 CodeMarvelous

13/10 Heckin' good gif @emilyspine

18 Sep 2017 knails

Doin me a proud.

19 Sep 2017 haywire


19 Sep 2017 emilyspine

@SeeHearTypewe at the Red Planet Curry House are sorry to hear you were dissatisfied, however I must point out that the mess you made with cutlery made it very difficult to fulfil our orders and we were also hindered by your sausage dog. We hope to see you at another branch soon but regret that pets will not longer be allowed on the premises in future.

19 Sep 2017 emilyspine

@Sanjayexcellent point and means I no longer have to cut my ice in half to achieve the same effect


@CodeMarvelousthey're good gifs Dan

@knails:D thanks for many hours of netrunner fun!

19 Sep 2017 scd

I'll forever be #teamcat but this GIF makes me somewhat question that. Also, fun deck.

19 Sep 2017 BizTheDad

"Swapping out Mass Commercialisation for Beanstalk Royalties because I couldn't find MassComm when building my deck 2 minutes before registration closed ..."

This made me laugh so hard I caused a bit of a scene at work. I'm guessing if you had to do it over again you'd include MC?

19 Sep 2017 tvaduva

So 1x Whampoa or Special Report and +1 Preemptive (and some change to the Beanstalk/Mass Commercialization ratio) for post rotation?

19 Sep 2017 emilyspine

@BizTheDadI think MassComm is a bit of a 'win more' card in this deck and Beanstalk was incredibly helpful for early burst. Particularly now you have Priority Construction your advancements may be concentrated on fewer pieces of ice and it's possible to win before you'd see any benefit from running MassComm. Beanstalk is certainly more flexible. That's a very long-winded way of saying I didn't miss it on the day!

@tvaduvadefinitely +1 Preemptive. I need to test Whampoa v Special Report. It may well come down to whether additional remote bait will be useful.

21 Sep 2017 shanodin

Love the write-up Cathy. Can't wait to give the deck a whirl when I'm next playing.

21 Sep 2017 Milk_Jester

What would you drop to fit in Anson Rose?

21 Sep 2017 emilyspine

@shanodinthanks Alice <3

@Milk_Jesterto fit in 2 Anson Rose I would drop the 2 Priority Construction and then I would cut the Anson Roses to put the PriCons back in :)

23 Sep 2017 Sixtyten

Dat gif. Well done on doing way betterer than my daft etf deck. Congrats on deck of the week also.

26 Sep 2017 Ulkrond

I approve!

28 Sep 2017 whiterabbit

The tradeoff of Anson Rose over Priority Construction is that Red Planet Couriers can use the advancements on Anson if you suspect ice destruction shenanigans.

I would try to fit both if possible, that's what I'm working on with my version.