Leak at the Citadel - 3rd Place SC Seville, Spain

DarthIA 91

I have been playing Sunny with DLR for a while, but never made the jump to actually bring it to a tournament. This version was the one I played in the Store Challenge the previous to last weekend.

Overall, the deck was really fun to play with. Notable last-minute additions were Aaron Marrón and Peace in Our Time. Mr. Marrón is so good and works so seamless with the strategy of the deck that was a no-brainer once the datapack was available. Carelessly losing a Security Nexus trace with John Masanori also in town felt so good! PiOT is also pretty strong, though I was hesitating till the very last moment to change some of them for Deuces Wild.

In short, the way to play the deck is to quickly find the keys to your apartment and start inviting all your connections inside. Meanwhile, you install your breakers, console, Power Taps and DLR to start your combo. Then run with Jak Sinclair, activate your console and deliberately lose the trace to get the tag and earn some cash with your taps. 4 clicks (or even 5 with Beth Kilrain-Chang) of milling, and then clear the tag with Citadel Sanctuary (plus more free cash). Repeat until archives is fat enough to give you some agenda points. Sunny breakers bring enough remote pressure to make sure the evil corp does not try to sneak an agenda somewhere.

This deck got me two wins (vs. RP and Palana) and a loss in the swiss rounds against a classy HB. Unfortunately, I faced the same HB again in the Top twice. Those losses were actually really close, with my opponent FAing the last agenda. However, I enjoyed the deck very much, and I recommend you to try it.

Some cards I will try are The Source, Blockade Runner (which was really working for me in a previous incarnation of this list), and maybe Hostage. But as always, influence is so tight with Sunny!

15 Feb 2017 Krasty

I`m still thinking (I used to play it in one incarnation of Geist) - if you invite your friendly peddler in your apartment, so you draw first or you fill peddlers pockets first? He? Btw nice deck which I hope to try (with some small changes)! :o)

16 Feb 2017 Krams

Those are both conditional on install effects, so they trigger at the same time. They both belong to the active player, so they both have priority. This leaves the runner to decide, which one he wants to trigger first.
In a shuffled deck with no additional information (top card revealed or sth like that) and at least 4 cards left in the stack it shouldn't make much difference, so it's a matter of taste, mostly.

16 Feb 2017 Krasty

@Krams: thanks for explaining!

16 Feb 2017 DarthIA

We had actually the same doubt during the tournament, @Krasty. Although we decided that Off-Campus Apartment effect should go first, it is actually as @Krams explained. Fortunately, it doesn't make any difference as he explained very well :)

Let me know the changes you make to the deck, and have fun with it!

16 Feb 2017 Krasty

@DarthIA: first try, which needs huge testing is here: Mummy's DLR Party

16 Feb 2017 DarthIA

Seems nice... I'd just leave one Blockade Runner and change it for a Film Critic, but it's worth to test indeed.

17 Feb 2017 scd

This seems fun, but doesn't it just die to Best Defense? Kill the Off-Campus and the deck is hosed?

17 Feb 2017 DarthIA

@scdthat's why you have Fall Guys. I'd go conservative if expecting Best Defense. During the tournament I was confidently going all-in against Jinteki and then a Voter Intimidation crumbled down my apartment :(

I got a timed win anyway, but should have kept the Fall Guy alive.