TheBigBoy's Faust Gabe Reborn

TheBigBoy 8756

Again posting a list due to requests from jnet spectators that I publish it.

The is probably the most aggressive runner deck I've ever played (aside from maybe hatebear). Your plan is to do the usual Gabe thing of keeping the Corp in the early game for as long as possible. Your goals for this phase are:

  1. Get off a siphon OR unload a full temujin.
  2. Get 1 Drug Dealer installed
  3. Trash all Naked Economy assets
  4. Get 2-4 points

You will often not achieve all of these, but if you can you are extremely likely to win. Your late-game plan is to execute this turn sequence as many times as possible:

Click 1; Fisk Investment Seminar Click 2: Siphon Click 3: Shutdown Click 4: Sneakdoor/Run HQ with HQI (followed by going back into HQ next turn after they discard)

Since you go into this run with a huge hand of cards, and the accesses are so high value, you don't really care if the corp makes it cost 7 or so cards to keep you out. Again, you will often not be able to pull of all the stages of the ideal turn, but some subset of these actions repeated over and over will eventually win you the game.

Your remote pressure is central pressure, backed up by the threat of inside job and Faust.

I'm not sure how good this deck actually is, but I think it's pretty good and it's SUPER fun. It feels very interactive and decision-heavy. It gives you that rush of agenda-chasing that we all love.

Potential Changes: Bank Job is a meta card. I really like it against Sleeper Hold. Trashing their naked stuff without it would be a pain

The RDI should probably be The Maker's Eye. When I play the RDI I only use it like 2-3 times before the game is over, and I already have 3 SoTs to recur the maker's. I encourage you to test both and see which fits your style better.

If you cut anything, the first thing you should add is Sneakdoor #3. It's a super critical card and I do find myself thinking a lot "man I would be in great shape if I had Sneakdoor right now".

19 Feb 2017 RubbishyUsername

So you may have commented in some videos or something, but why doesn't this deck have the court-mandated Aaron Marron over say FIS? Is the Sneakdoor Plan so reliable that 2xHQI is wanted over a Legwork?

20 Feb 2017 TheBigBoy

HQI is way better than legwork here. Sneakdoor is your primary lategame access plan.

You don't need Aaron because you go tagme a majority of games.

20 Feb 2017 vor_lord

Seems to me Faust + Aaron + tagme would be pretty useful.

Seeing as I try all your decks, I will definitely give this a try -- thanks for sharing.

20 Feb 2017 ulrik03

Siphon and Drug Dealers are enough to fend off Boom! decks?

20 Feb 2017 ZiNOS

You sure love your Levy AR Lab Access cards man! Maybe you should post 1 deck of each faction utilising 1 Levy AR Lab Access in each so we can have all three decks sleeved and ready :). You have Noise and Gabe. Have I missed the Shaper?

20 Feb 2017 TheBigBoy

@ulrik03You midseasons matchup is pretty bad, and your railgun matchup is pretty good since your access plan is strong. There basically aren't any other kill decks right now because everyone is on aaron.

20 Feb 2017 munchli21

As you know, I am one of your biggest fans and i piloted my version of this deck to some success. I like the new idea, created my version of the list which is (as the other one a little different but always based on your super aggressive idea). Thanks for keeping it alive! Love to read your posts and Gabe deck lists: My changes: -1 Desperado, -1 RDI, -2 Inside Jobs, -1 EmShutDown, +1 Bank Job, +1 SneakDoor, -1 Datasucker, +2 Maker's Eye, +2 Aarron Marron.

Love to read your upcoming stories and your thoughts about it.


21 Feb 2017 lolpaca

This looks awesome fun! I do agree with others that Aaron Marrón seems like a natural fit here though; clickless draw is just what you want with Faust and the tag removal's a nice bonus.

Imma try this list with -1 R&D Interface, -2 Bank Job, -1 Drug Dealer, +1 The Maker's Eye, +2 Aaron Marrón, +1 Sneakdoor Beta.