[SOCRX] Blue Twenty Tutors - Top 16

mbzrl 144

This is my corp deck for the tenth Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. It carried me to 2nd in swiss with a final record of 5-1.

H&P Blue Sun was really great for me. You just go really fast with lots of gearchecks, tutoring for Daily Quest, Lady Liberty (which was very good), or agendas as necessary. Guard stuffed an early Inside Job and a Nexus in different games, and you just never play it again after Bukhgalter comes down. Subtypeless MoGo happened a lot, there're lots of ice that you want to reset. The upgrade suite I used the most is from Bristol Blue Sun, though I did sometimes swap in some Will-o-the-Wisps when I felt bad about not using enough Lunar cards. Otherwise the deck remained unchanged. I sadly never hit the Helium-3 Deposit lottery, but putting it in a deck with reasonable(ish) targets and dreaming of actually using it brought me a lot of happiness.

As always, SOCRs are a ton of fun and I recommend anyone enter! The Lunar/Downfall combination was really great. Thanks to Sanjay for hosting and all of my opponents for the fun games. Looking forward to the next one!

4 Sep 2019 Longi

Hey, very nice deck with a lot of cool interactions. It was blast to face it!

4 Sep 2019 mbzrl

Thanks for the kind words! Good luck in the cut, looking forward to seeing your full decklists after you've bopped everyone you can :)

24 Sep 2019 Longi

Finals are finished, my Leela going 12-1 loosing only to this monster of yours!