Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls (GNK 3-0)

manicmoleman 367

This is a deck I've had a lot of fun playing because I've always felt like I have an out regardless of the Corp I'm against.

Stealth breakers means you can get through taxing servers cheaply.

Feedback Filter, Salsette Slums, Employee Strike, and patience let you deal with net damage prison decks. Just take it slow, use Magnum Opus to keep your money up for Feedback Filter, and prioritise targets for Slums.

Aaron Marrón is great against tag based decks and also helps you find cards.

Account Siphon is a useful tool to drain trap based decks of the money they need to trigger, as well as slowing down glacier decks so they can't tax you out of Stealth credits. Works well with Aaron Marrón, with the two cards together being a better spend of 6 influence than 3 Temujin Contracts, in my opinion.

Magnum Opus is the heart of the deck. I will mulligan for it, and if I don't have it, will spend my first Self-modifying Code to get one.

If Magnum Opus is the heart, Fan Site and Artist Colony are the lungs. They let you find bits of your Stealth rig you're missing or the exact card you need for the particular match. Against Sync? Find Aaron. Against Blue Sun? Find Film Critic. Against Potential Unleashed? Find Feedback Filter. I often get a little too forfeit happy and have sometimes sacrificed 2 point Agendas to get my rig out and let me steal another Agenda in the remote.

I wasn't completely sold on Maya when I put it in, but it has come in handy a couple of times by letting me bury cards I know my opponent needs A recent game where I sent a couple of Biotic Labors to the bottom of my opponent's deck come to mind! Also has a bit of synergy with Aaron Marrón, but is mostly cheap memory.

I largely use Net Mercur to help draw cards while I make pokes at central servers in the early game. It's useful late game as a store of Stealth credits, but that's only when I'm completely set up.

The one thing this deck is lacking is multi-access. I've found I don't need it if I can set up fast and keep poking R&D or HQ once a turn for free with recurring credits. I've been tempted to change one of the Employee Strikes for a Turning Wheel, but each time I think of doing that a well timed Employee Strike wins me a game, so I go back and forth. If you expect Power Shutdown combo decks, I would recommend exchanging one of the Employee Strikes for a Hades Shard. When they Shutdown their deck, use Artist Colony to fetch it.

5 Apr 2017 disperse

I like it!

How about Vamp over Account Siphon? Saves you two influence.

Maybe switch Blackstone for Corroder with the influence?

Definitely need multi-access. Maybe switch a Same Old Thing for a R&D Interface?

6 Apr 2017 manicmoleman

Thank, like I said, I've really enjoyed playing it!

I can see the argument for Vamp, but feel that it's a tempo hit for both players. Account Siphon on the other hand is only a hit for the Corp, especially with Aaron Marrón counters. This lets you Account Siphon first , then swing over to deal with a key asset, contest a remote server or poke R&D.

I initially had the same reservations about Blackstone, but I've been glad to have it those few times I come up against a Curtain Wall or advanced Fire Wall. Sure it's not ideal for some stuff, namely Eli 1.0, but in those cases I've used an appropriately set Atman to keep my runs efficient.

Same Old Things are useful for keeping opponents poor with Account Siphon. If I were to replace anything with multiaccess it would be a Cloak, as you only really need 2. As my decks are Rotation-Ready™ I'd replace it with Equivocation, but you can season to taste!

Wanted to share this deck before Skorpios comes out, as that ID will make me really anxious to run singleton breakers!